Chocolate Caramel Molten Lava Cakes

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Give into your chocolate cravings with these molten lava cakes... chocolate, caramel, more chocolate, it's sure to make you feel better anytime you need a chocolate fix (especially that time of the month!) #WhatMattersToU [ad]

Real talk… that time of the month SUCKS, doesn’t it? I mean, we’re basically walking around trying to pretend life is totally normal, taking care of the kids, spending time with friends, doing all of the normal life stuff, all the while our body is screaming at us, cramping, and generally making us feel sucky. It’s like the main event isn’t enough, we have to throw in soreness, crabbiness, and bloating… ughhhh.

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4 Smoothie Bowls to Kick Afternoon Slump to the Curb!

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Afternoon slumps are the worst. You're halfway through your day, and suddenly you hit that wall. Banish the urge to snooze and perk up with these mini smoothie bowls, which will kick your booty back into gear with tons of protein, while still tasting AMAZING! #SnackAndRally [ad]

Ugh. Afternoon slump. Come on, busy moms, you know what I’m talking about… that moment between lunch and dinner when you hit a wall. It’s the time when you think “If I have to stay awake for one more baseball/dance/soccer/cheer practice I’m going to cry.” It’s when you have that urge to say “forget everything… I’m taking a nap.” I get it. We’re all trying to be supermom. And afternoon slump? It’s not helping us get there, is it? A lot of times, I turn to snacks to get me out of that slump… after all, I can’t be dozing off if I’m eating, can I? And it’s during that time that I turn to old cravings like chocolate. But guess what, supermom? I’ve found a solution that banishes afternoon fatigue AND satisfies your munchy little cravings. I promise you’re going to love it… 4 great mini smoothie bowls for that time between lunch and dinner, when you want to snack, but don’t want a meal, and definitely want more energy to finish out your long, never-say-stop day.

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Black Forest Dessert Shooters

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and you'll love this easy dessert that's perfectly pre-portioned for you and your Valentine. Whether you're hosting a Valentine's party or enjoying this treat by yourself, it's nice and chocolatey, just like those dessert shooters from popular restaurants! It's just a little taste of the sweet life. | Valentine Dessert | Black Forest Cake | Easy Dessert |

I love Valentine’s Day. The hearts, the pretty colors, the time spent with my favorite Valentine (who happens to be four years old). But I especially love the chocolate… what I don’t love is having to share dessert. That’s why I like single-serve options that I can make for the whole family to enjoy, just like the single-serve dessert shooters from some of my favorite restaurants. These black forest dessert shooters are sure to impress any Valentine, and they’re super easy to make.

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Chocolate Banana Smoothie Bowl under 375 Calories (Plus More Breakfast Ideas for Your Busy Morning)

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Struggling to fit breakfast into a busy morning? This chocolate banana smoothie bowl takes seconds to make, is packed with nutrients and great flavor, and will fuel you through your hectic morning. Plus, it's under 375 calories! Get this, and other great breakfast ideas. #CarnationSweepstakes #BetterBreakfast [ad]

Breakfast. It’s arguably the busiest meal of the day. I haven’t been shy in sharing about my struggle to get a daily breakfast in, and while I’ve found some solutions to keep me going, I like to shake up the breakfast routine sometimes. I’ve been loving smoothies, but I have to admit that sometimes I drink them so fast, that I feel like I missed breakfast altogether, and I don’t always feel satisfied. Then, when I started hearing a little bit about Smoothie Bowls on Instagram, I started to wonder what the big deal was… I mean, it was just a smoothie poured into a bowl, right? Well, kind of. It’s a smoothie in a bowl, sure, but it’s topped with delicious things– like nuts, fruits, seeds, and more– that are totally spoonable, elevating your morning smoothie to something of beauty, but also of great flavor.

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No-Bake Skittles Push Pops in YOUR Team’s Colors!

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You can make Super Bowl 50 even sweeter with these fun Skittles push pops that have tons of fruit flavor, while still matching YOUR team's colors. Don't just leave it to the Super Bowl, either-- these are party perfect for any gathering, and since they're no-bake, they take minutes to assemble. Or, for a rich chocolate caramel sensation, try the Snickers or Twix push pops, which are also no bake! #MakeSB50Sweeter [ad]

Can you believe the Super Bowl is almost here? We’ve been watching football a bit more here in Kansas City, since the Chiefs made the playoffs for the first time in my life! While my team is no longer playing in Super Bowl 50, I’m still looking forward to a very sweet Super Bowl. And what watch party would be complete without awesome desserts? Well, none… that’s why I’ve got these super-simple no-bake push pops using Skittles! And the best part is, you can customize them to YOUR favorite team’s colors in a snap!

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No-Bake Chocolate Cheesecake For Summer Parties

This chocolate cheesecake requires no oven and no stove, and only a few minutes of effort, but tastes so delicious and silky that no one will ever believe it was that easy! It's the perfect no-bake dessert for summer parties, but tastes great year-round!

I love a good cheesecake. I hate all of the work that goes into it. Baking. Springform pans. Actual effort. See, 90% of the time when I’m cooking, I just don’t do actual effort. Especially in the summer– who wants to heat up their house for a dessert when they can get away with effortless chilled desserts, anyway? This is a no-bake chocolate cheesecake, so it doesn’t require any heat at all, and it’s great because it gets thrown together pretty quickly, meaning you can go back to enjoying summer before you know it.

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Strawberry Banana Dessert Egg Rolls

Want to use up extra strawberries? Just love a chocolate banana treat for dessert? This dessert twist on your favorite Chinese Takeout treat will definitely hit the spot! Strawberry Banana Dessert Egg rolls have just a hint of chocolate that make them perfect for dessert time!

In college, my friend Drew and I used to do this fun thing where we’d travel to a local town and spend the day exploring. We’d start off with appetizers at one restaurant, continue with lunch at another, and finish with dessert at yet another, strolling through antique stores, record shops, bookstores, and little foreign marketplaces. One restaurant had a dessert that definitely always hit the spot– a small Asian place that served banana egg rolls. They’d wrap bits of banana in fried pastry with nuts, and they’d drizzle caramel on top, serving it with ice cream. It was so mouthwatering! But honestly? I thought it was missing one thing… fresh strawberries!

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Butter-Style Chocolate Pound Cake

This butter-style chocolate pound cake recipe may contain affiliate links.

This pound cake? It's to die for. With rich chocolate flavor and major notes of butter, plus an almond finish, your guests will be begging for more! This is the PERFECT chocolate pound cake recipe.

I love chocolate. Like, it goes way beyond a casual “I’ll eat chocolate if it’s there” kind of thing. No, it’s a full-fledged love affair. I’m not above hiding a little chocolate in the jewelry box in my closet for emergencies. Just kidding, that’s not where I hid it. I just don’t want any of you breaking into my chocolate stash. Ha! The thing is, sometimes I like chocolate more than I like people. Chocolate doesn’t say mean things, and it doesn’t over-share on Facebook. Chocolate is just delicious. That’s why, when I needed to bake a cake this week, I knew it had to be chocolate. I also knew I wanted something a little bit different. That’s where this delicious chocolate pound cake recipe comes in.

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Salted Pepperoni Chocolate Bark

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #PepItUp #CollectiveBias Forget chocolate covered bacon... the new treat this spring is Salted Pepperoni Chocolate Bark! Sweet chocolate blends with meaty pepperoni, making it the perfect new twist on a classic trend. #PepItUp #ad I’m not exactly sure who started this whole sweet and savory chocolate covered meat trend. I’ll be honest– I was even skeptical the first time I tried chocolate covered bacon. After that, it seemed people moved on to chocolate covered beef jerky, and now, well, I’ve found the next logical incarnation of the trend. A new season means it’s time to ditch the old chocolate covered meat we’ve come to know and love and try something new… and that something new? It’s Hormel pepperoni. Read more

Crock Pot S’mores Lava Cake

This ooey-gooey s'mores cake is perfect for the chocolate lover in your life. It's a perfect lava cake made in the crock pot. What beats slow cooker cake? A chocolatey, rich, lava slow cooker cake, that's what!

Did you quit your New Years’ Resolution diet yet? Promise you didn’t give up chocolate for Lent? Good, then you can have this cake… it’s ooey, it’s gooey, it’s chocolate and marshmallow goodness, and it’s perfect for those intense chocolate cravings. And even better, it’s made in the crock pot, so you can set it, forget it, and come back for that delicious s’mores goodness. If you’re looking for the perfect crock pot cake, this is your best bet!

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