Ball Drop Cookie Pops

These Ball Drop Cookie Pops are perfect for your New Year's Eve celebrations! Just like the sparkling Swarovski of the REAL ball in Times Square, these cake pop-inspired treats are perfect for sharing and serving for the New Year!

I cannot even handle the fact that 2017 is just days away. I’ve already started planning my new year’s resolutions, and I’ve bought a brand new shiny planner, but I’m mostly banking on the idea of going to bed at like… 8pm on New Year’s Eve. Regardless of when I’m going to bed, though, one thing I know for sure is that it’s not the New Year without a ball drop, so I’ve got these Ball Drop Cookie Pops for you! (And they’re done in less time than it even takes to bake a cake for cake pops!)

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5 Steps to Having the BEST Morning Ever!

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I am NOT a morning person, but I'm quickly becoming one by following these rules that help make my mornings a little bit better. Are you struggling with mornings, or having those mad mama moments because mornings never go your way? These tips will make mornings easier, so you can have a better day.  You'll love these free printables that help you have a better morning, too.  #StartWithJifPowder #ad

Ugh. Mornings. Am I right? I’ve never, ever been a morning person– as a child, my mom would wake me up again and again just to get me up for school because no alarm made mornings easier. As a mom myself, I no longer have the luxury of staying in bed as long as humanly possible, because I have another human to actually get up, get dressed, and get on with the day with… and that sometimes leads to a very, very grumpy mama. But I’ve found a few tricks, like eating breakfast made with Jif Peanut Powder, that help me have a flawless morning… or at least a slightly less rocky one… making every morning my best morning ever.

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Live Like You’re Dying: Making 2015 Your Best Year Yet

Do you want to make 2015 the best year you've ever had? Try living like you're dying. Here's the best way to make make the new year something special, and unlike any year you've lived before.

Tomorrow, on your way to work, you’re going to get hit by a bus. Tonight, as you’re out walking to the mailbox, a freak storm will hit and you’ll be struck by lightning. When you take your daily shower, you’re going to slip on a bar of soap and hit your head.

Okay, so these things probably aren’t going to happen. Chances are, you won’t die tomorrow. But what if you did? Would you feel fulfilled? We’re inundated with bucket lists– your summer bucket list of must-do items, your must-capture photos of spring break… heck, I even posted a must-do list for the month of January earlier this week. Those are all okay things. But how often do we take 5 minutes to think about the idea that “if I died right now… what is one thing I wished I had done?”

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New Years’ Resolutions Kids Can Make

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It's easy to pick out the top adult new years' resolutions every year-- quitting smoking, losing weight... but what about great new years resolutions for kids? We've got you covered.

We’ve heard all of the typical resolutions before… I want to lose weight, I want to quit smoking, I want to run a marathon… but what about resolutions that kids can make? Adults aren’t the only ones who want to make positive change in the new year, but sometimes, we get so caught up in our own resolutions that we don’t even know where to encourage our kids to begin. Here are a few ideas:

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