Cutting Back on Digital Clutter to Free Up Space and Precious Time

Feeling overwhelmed with digital clutter? Here are the things you should DEFINITELY delete. | spring cleaning | online safety | decluttering | computer tips |

It’s the season of decluttering. Many of us, I’m sure, have gone to the store to stock up on plastic bins and trash bags and are already starting to get into the swing of Spring Cleaning. I mean, ‘tis the season, right? But here’s the deal. You may be cleaning out your closet and under your bed and in that one junk drawer that you never think about until this one time a year when you’re getting organized. Heck, you may have even bought a new planner and promised to organize your time better. But I can almost guarantee there is one place you didn’t think about decluttering… and it’s right in front of you. It’s your digital life. Now that we live in the world of cloud storage, so many of us have unlimited or large amounts of storage and we don’t think about paring down… but there’s good reason to consider your digital clutter (and there are some good places to start cleaning it up, too).

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DIY Hidden Cord Charging Station

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Back to school is such an exciting time... but it can mean an extra need to stay organized and powered up. Here's a simple way to make a DIY charging station for your desk that clears up those crazy cords, too! Plus, I share a few ways we use computers in our homeschool lessons! #BTSwithHP [ad]

I’m seriously having the hardest time handling the fact that summer is pretty much over… we’re in the last few days of the pool being open for the summer, back to school sales are in full swing, and the curriculum has arrived, which means it’s pretty much time to get back in the swing of homeschooling… and that means a major need for organization and staying powered up. Today, I’m showing you an impossibly easy DIY charging station for YOUR desk!

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DIY “Help! We’re Out Of…” Purse Shopping List!

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From gum to nail clippers, moms are always looking for the things they don't have enough of. Whether it's socks getting eaten in the laundry, hair ties snapping, or the last sandwich bag being used the night before a field trip, it's time to get re-stocked. This free printable shopping list will help you remember what you need a little more of, using a container from the 35-pack of Extra® Gum... with 35 sticks, you'll never run out of gum, no matter how much you share with your kids and your book club! #GiveExtraGetExtra #Target [ad]

As a mom, I’m always running out of things at the most inconvenient times…. My hair tie snaps on the hottest day of the year. I can never find the single sock that’s clean when we’re running late for school. No matter how many nail clippers I buy, within 6 months, they’ve all gone missing again. And it never fails, whenever I need gum, I’m always out, or worse, there’s that one crumpled piece in the bottom of my bag, covered in cracker crumbs and loose hair. Ew. Why is it so hard to remember to re-stock on these things before they’re gone?

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15 More Things You’re Hoarding that You Can Get Rid of Right Now!

This new year, it's time to let go. Here are 15 more things that you're hoarding that you can get rid of. If you're looking to declutter your life, this is a great list of ideas that will get you started on what to trash, donate, and sell this New Year.

A new year is upon us… that’s right, it’s the time of goals and “New Year, New You.” Last week, I talked about New Years Resolutions, and why goal setting is a great option for getting things done, and this year, my resolution is to do a little bit of decluttering. In fact, it’s the resolution that’s always on my list– it seems like every year could use a little bit of decluttering, really. But when it’s time to actually get started, it can be a little tricky figuring out what to toss… So, just like last year, grab your trash, donate, and sell bags, and let’s get started!

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How to Set a Resolution You’ll Actually Keep!

Hello, Resolutions! With the New Year upon us, here's the secret to setting resolutions that you'll actually keep... and here's the secret: Stop setting resolutions and start setting tangible goals! Get tips on setting a goal and resolution you'll keep!

This year, I’m quitting resolutions altogether. I know that’s an odd statement to make in the very beginning of a post all about making resolutions you’ll keep, but stick with me here… the best way to set resolutions you’ll actually keep is to STOP MAKING RESOLUTIONS. That doesn’t mean not to resolve to do anything… but it means changing your mindset and your tactics so you can experience resolution success.

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How to Create a Winter Preparedness Box for Home or School

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Winter is upon us, and with all the

Winter really hasn’t even started yet, and already, the kiddo and I have had to take a little time off of work and school because we weren’t feeling our best. It seems like anytime you’re at school, work, or even home, when winter hits, it seems like it’s the season to feel a little more… under the weather. Sometimes it’s all of the warm air circulating inside closed windows that just keeps the germs in, and sometimes it’s the number of hugs you’re exchanging at those family holiday parties, but because of all of that, it helps to have a plan to keep you at your best, and to help you bounce back fast when you aren’t. That’s why I’m all for a winter preparedness kit that will help keep things going this winter!

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Why Target’s New Gender-Neutral Aisles Will Make Shopping Easier

Usually I stay away from posting pieces that are heavily political on my blog because it seems to be a major way for drama to seek people out. But this is one of those arguments that has left me scratching my head, and because of it, I need to address it. So… here goes. Please remember that you may encounter opinions different than those you hold near and dear, both in this post and in the comments. Let’s keep it civil, okay? Thanks!

Target made a huge announcement. They’re moving towards a gender neutral aisle scheme in three major sections of the store, thanks to a mom’s tweet last year asking why there were different sections for “building toys” and “girls’ building toys.” That’s right– no section for “boys’ building toys,” but the assumption that girls need their own section of building toys. The ensuing backlash on social media led to this big decision by Target: no more gender roles pushed in the Toy, Kids’ Bedding, or Kids’ Books sections of the store. 

That means that soon, there will be no sign splashed across bedding for “boys’ bedding” or “girls’ bedding,” no sign saying “boys’ books” or “girls’ books.” It will be “children’s books” featuring Dork Diaries and Diary of a Wimpy Kid in the same section, for any boy or girl to pick up either– or possibly both– books.

Now, as a mom who shops both sides of the aisle with my son, tossing both LEGO City and LEGO Friends sets into our cart, and as a mom who bought her son an Our Generation doll today because he insisted he’d make a great Doll Dad (while simultaneously reminding him that his limit was spent on the doll and no, he could not have the cool new blue Nerf gun he saw), I’m happy to see Target ridding itself of the blue and pink color schemes and the signage saying “this is for boys.”

But a lot of people disagree. Many are boycotting Target because they feel this leads down the path of little boys growing up to become Caitlyn Jenner. While I disagree at the notion of that slippery slope– playing with dolls is more likely to make my son a good father than a woman in the future– I don’t understand the outrage.

To illustrate the frustration, I’ll quote someone, who I’ll leave anonymous, that left a comment on Buzzfeed’s report on the “controversy.”

Stupidest thing I ever saw! Boys are boys and girls are girls, I’m not saying boys can’t wear pink but girls are born to be future mamas so They play with dolls and boys are meant to be the provider so they play with action/building toys. [sic]

Here’s the deal. If girls are future moms, and many of them will be, what does that make boys? Future dads. Dads who need to learn to nurture now, and perhaps that’s by brushing a doll’s hair or changing a pretend diaper.

What about the girl who doesn’t get married straight out of school? Who rents an apartment with gal pals while waiting to meet “the One” if that’s what’s going to happen to her? If she’s never been allowed to use dramatic play to explore construction, will she feel confident enough to assemble her new furniture by herself? And if she’s never been allowed in a “provider” role, how will she explore the future career she wants to have– even if she does later choose to leave that career to be a mom, what’s to help her as a high school job? A post-college path? Not every woman will get married right out of school, and even if she does, what’s wrong with her having options?

Women can be providers. Men can be nurturing parents. The roles are not gender exclusive. I think many of us can agree there.

But what still floors me are the number of people boycotting Target, not because Barbies may soon be sold right next to GI Joe, but because it might make shopping more confusing and disorganized.

I’m here to calm those fears. It’s actually likely going to make shopping easier.

Gone are the days of walking to the girl aisle to find the super-awesome Nerf Rebelle toys (a line of Nerf guns and bows that come in stunning pink and purple color schemes) and then hunting down blue and orange Nerf products in the “boy aisles.” Instead, you’ll go to the Nerf aisle and take your pick between blue and pink, or, if you’re anything like my family, a little bit of both.

You’ll no longer walk down an aisle of LEGO City, LEGO Minecraft, LEGO Ninjago, and all of the other LEGO products “for boys” and then search a few aisles over for the “girl-acceptable” LEGO Friends sets. Now, it will be LEGOs. LEGO shopping malls and veterinary hospitals and jungle rescue sets, side-by-side with police helicopters and Creepers and double-decker couches.

When searching for bedding, your Jurassic World loving daughter won’t be wondering why she has to go to the “boy aisle” to find bedding decked with dinosaurs and your Frozen-obsessed son won’t have to wonder why an Elsa blanket is in a “girl aisle.” There will be bedding. Children’s bedding in plenty of bright colors and brands and ideas, likely sorted just like adult bedding is– by type and brand.

We don’t designate “Men’s Bedding” and “Women’s Bedding.” It’s just… bedding. And I’ve never walked into Target’s book section to find Dean Koontz and Chuck Palahniuk restricted to “Books for Men” while Jodi Picoult and Diane Chamberlain are on a shelf of “Books for Women.” Nope. They’re “Bestsellers.” And soon, there will be “Children’s Bestsellers.”

Shopping is about to become a lot easier, because now shopping for interest instead of gender will mean that you can easily pick out a toy and not ask a Target team member, “Hey, where can I find Nerf stuff?” and them ask “For boys or for girls?” Now, they’ll direct you to the Nerf aisle, and you can have your pick.

And that is a very, very good thing.

How to Get Kids to Do Chores (With Free Chore Chart!)

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Are your kids slobs? Are they fighting you on pitching in with the chores? Do you struggle to get organized because of the clutter, mess, and lack of family participation? You can get your family to help with chores, without a fight! Get some tips (and print a free chore chart) to get your family motivated to clean up! #CleaningUntangled #Ad

Why does it so often feel like it’s mom’s job to do all of the housework? And how many times have you asked your kids to make their bed, clean up their toys, and help out with cleaning, only to get a fight? It’s an absolute pain, and in our household, it was time to say Enough. Is. Enough. It actually isn’t hard to get kids to do their chores– without the fight. You just have to get a little bit creative.

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How to Tackle the Laundry Pile (And Get Your Kids to Help!)

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Laundry stinks... sometimes literally! But tackling the laundry pile isn't impossible. Even the youngest of kids can help with laundry-related chores, because there's an age-appropriate task for almost anyone! So read this post, gather the family, and conquer the laundry pile, once and for all!    | household tip | cleaning | laundry hack | #longlastingscent #ad

Laundry stinks. Sometimes literally. I’m not kidding, laundry is my least favorite chore. I don’t mind washing so much, but the remembering to move clothes from the washer to the dryer, the act of folding and sorting and turning everything right-side out drives me bonkers. And don’t even get me started on putting it away– I’d live out of a laundry basket if I could! But the laundry pile? It has to go, and with a little help from your kids, it won’t even take that long! Who says mom should have to do all of the laundry? It’s time to tackle the laundry pile, and get your kids involved in lightening the load, so you can all have a great break afterwards.

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Top Tips for Selling Your Old Stuff on VarageSale and Facebook

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Thinking about selling your old stuff on VarageSale, but not sure how to go about it? Or trying to sell and not having much luck? Here are some top tips for selling on VarageSale, Facebook, and other sites around the web so you can get spring cleaning AND line your pockets a little!

Spring Cleaning time is upon us, and as you’re weeding through the stuff that clearly just needs to be tossed, you’re sure to find some hidden gold that is in great condition… but not something you’re willing to keep. That’s where great sites like VarageSale come in, allowing you to sell your unwanted stuff, and make some pretty pennies in the process. Maybe you heard about VarageSale by reading my February Must-Do list, or maybe you’ve heard about it elsewhere, but either way, if you’re wanting to get started selling on VarageSale, Facebook, or other sites, here are some tips to get you started!

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