14 (More) Valentine’s Books for Kids

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Searching for the perfect book for your child this Valentine's day? Look no further- this book has 14 top picks, ranging from toddler to tween, and working for boys AND girls!

It’s no secret I love books. I especially love to give my son new books for every holiday I can. Those seasonal endcaps at stores during each holiday season? It’s impossible for me to resist putting one of everything in my basket when it comes to the book aisle. But, after a few seasons of obsessive book purchasing, I’ve narrowed down some more of my top picks so you can choose the perfect Valentine’s Day books for your child!

1. I Love You, Snugglesaurus!

This book, which encourages kids to roar, stomp, and really bring out their inner dinosaur, is perfect for the younger age group. It’s giggle-inducing and so fun to read together, which means if you’re looking for a book to enjoy WITH your younger child, this is the best bet! Available for purchase here: I Love You, Snugglesaurus! (Made with Love)

2. You Are My Cupcake and We Belong Together

As the second book title implies, these two books really do belong together. With adorable illustrations, this book is perfect for little ones. I bought You Are My Cupcake when my son was just months old, and even though he’s 3 and a half now, it’s still a treasured part of our library that we read to each other often. We Belong Together is a great companion to the first book, and equally sweet. While these make no mention of Valentine’s Day, it’s all about your love for one another, and that’s what matters most! Available for purchase here: You Are My Cupcake
and We Belong Together 

3. You Are My Sunshine

I’m so very partial to this book because growing up, my mom would sing this song to me on a daily basis. It’s now a song I sing to my own son at night, so I love this book’s charming illustrations to the classic song. It’s just a perfect way to say “I love you, and you make my life brighter by being in it” to your child. It’s a great book for your younger child, but if you used this song as a special tune between you and your child, I’m certain it’ll be treasured, no matter their age.
Available for purchase here: You Are My Sunshine

4. Llama Llama I Love You

If you love the Llama Llama books with your older child, you’ll love reading the Llama Llama board books with your younger child. With rhyming text and shorter verse, these are a little bit easier for shorter attention spans to tackle, and they’re oh-so-sweet. This is one of the newest ones, and it’s perfect for that lovey-dovey holiday. If you can’t tell your little one “I love you” enough, this book is so perfect.
Available for purchase here: Llama Llama I Love You 

5. I Believe in You

If I haven’t emphasized it enough, Marianne Richmond books always seem to make me cry, and this is no exception. It’s all about self esteem this time around, and talking about all of the amazing things a child can do, and sharing how truly, you believe in them. What’s even better is that this book doesn’t place an emphasis on mother/child or father/child, making it a great book for grandparents, foster parents, uncles and aunts, or even close friends or godparents to gift, as well. This one is a gem that is aimed at an early-elementary crowd, but don’t be surprised if you don’t see some tears well up in your high schooler’s eyes if you give it to them, also. Available for purchase here: I Believe in You

6. Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day Is Cool

One of the things I love about Pete the Cat is his appeal to so many different kids– boy or girl, younger or older. In this book, Pete is pretty sure that Valentine’s Day is totally uncool. But, when he skateboards past a friend who lets him know V-Day is the bee’s knees, he figures out just how awesome it can be. This book is a great book about giving to others, and it’s perfect for kids who think Valentine’s Day is uncool or totally yucky. It may give them a new perspective on the holiday! Available for purchase here: Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day Is Cool

7. Be My Valentine, Amelia Bedelia and Amelia Bedelia’s First Valentine

Many of us probably grew up with Amelia Bedelia books. Around since 1963, she’s been making everyone peel with laughter over her quirky (and very literal) antics. Herman Parish has picked up where his aunt Peggy left off, with two types of Amelia Bedelia stories– classic tales where Amelia is grown up, just like in Peggy Parish’s original stories, and a new Amelia Bedelia series featuring Amelia as a younger girl. Both stories are great for introducing children to the world of Amelia Bedelia (and really fun for parents who grew up with her, as well). Available for purchase here: Be My Valentine, Amelia Bedelia and Amelia Bedelia’s First Valentine

8. Love, Splat and Splat the Cat: Funny Valentine

Splat the Cat is so much fun and such a cute kitty that I couldn’t decide which of his Valentine’s themed books I liked the best. In Love, Splat, Splat just can’t help but admire a cute kitten friend of his. But when another cat tries to steal her affections, Splat gets nervous and doesn’t give her the Valentine he made. However, there’s definitely a happy ending for Splat in the book! Splat the Cat: Funny Valentine is a fun lift-the-flap book that will keep kids entertained for ages. Available for purchase here: Love, Splat (Splat the Cat) and Splat the Cat: Funny Valentine


9. Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George

I confess, we’re hopeless Curious George fans in this house, so this one HAD to make the list. With lift up flaps and gold foil, it’s a must-own for any Curious George fanatic. My son couldn’t get enough of this one, and who doesn’t love Curious George’s antics? There’s always something to learn from George, and this Valentine’s story is no exception. Available for purchase here: Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George


10. I Love You, Stinky Face

“But mama, but mama! What if I were a skunk and I smelled SO bad that they called me Stinky Face?!” In this book, a child continues to ask his mom if she’d still love him if he was a horrible, scary monster, an alligator with huge teeth, and other imaginary and real animals… and of course, in this story of unconditional love, the mother responds like all mothers would… “I’d cover you in sweet smelling powder and tell you I love you, Stinky Face!” It’s such a sweet book and makes my son giggle every time. It’s truly a favorite around here and I highly recommend it to anyone with an imaginative child. Available for purchase here: I Love You, Stinky Face

11. Cam Jansen and the Valentine Baby Mystery

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Cam Jansen is a classic, and the fact that she’s got a fun book that ties in Valentine’s Day AND becoming a big sister is a great story for the ages. This is a shorter chapter book, intended for younger readers who are branching out into chapter books on their own, and it’s a good starting point. Available for purchase here: Cam Jansen: Cam Jansen and the Valentine Baby Mystery #25

12. Geronimo Stilton: Valentine’s Day Disaster

Poor Geronimo Stilton… it looks like his Valentine’s Day is bound to be a complete disaster. This book is another great chapter book that boys and girls alike will absolutely love. The best part is, after the wonderful writing, there’s ideas for throwing a Valentine’s party of their very own, and a great amount of extension activities. If you like books that are more than just books, you’ll love this one! Available for purchase here: Valentine’s Day Disaster (Geronimo Stilton, No. 23)


13. Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew: Valentine’s Day Secret

It seems like Nancy Drew has ALWAYS been solving mysteries, and Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew make it clear– Nancy Drew for younger readers is a great way to introduce kids to mystery novels at a younger age. This lighthearted mystery is really fun and perfect for the Valentine’s Day season! Available for purchase here: Valentine’s Day Secret (Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew #12)


14. Nancy Drew: My Deadly Valentine

If your early teen has moved beyond the younger Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew books, the classic Nancy Drew Mysteries are perfect– and this one especially, which is themed for Valentine’s Day! When some crazy things are happening at Emerson college, Nancy Drew is on the case! Available for purchase here: My Deadly Valentine (Nancy Drew Files Book 92)


Need more Valentine’s day picks? Check out last year’s post, 7 Must-Read Valentine’s Books for your Child. If you’re a true Valentine fanatic, you’ll also love this printable popsicle stick puzzle, and these Valentine’s biscuits with chocolate gravy (yes, you heard me– chocolate gravy!)

What’s your favorite Valentine’s themed book? Are you a seasonal book addict like me? Let me know in the comments!

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