5 Ways to Play in Fall and Winter

Meteorologists are predicting the winter of 2016 to be a warm one! Take advantage of it with plenty of ways to play this fall and winter. #CLIFkids [ad]

Just a few days ago, meteorologists in Kansas City started releasing their weather reports for winter 2016. Most of them agreed– winter would be mild, and at times unseasonably warm, with little snow. While that may be a bummer for snow-lovers, it’s a great thing for everyone who loves to play outside! This fall and winter is going to be a great one for PLAY, and today, I’m sharing my 5 favorite ways to play in fall and winter (with a few tips on where to play in Kansas City, too)!

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Top 10 Mother-Son Dates for the Winter Months

Looking for a way to connect with your son this winter, but it's just so cold outside? Try these mother son date ideas that are perfect for spending time with your child and opening up the lines of communication. | mother child bonding | mothers of sons | one on one time |

Zach and I have been trying to take more time to spend together. I love every moment of time I get with him, and I love when we can get out and do something fun together. With that said, winter is rough. In the spring, you can go to a park, or in the summer, you can go for a trip to a water park. But winter is cold. And drab. And dreary. With that said, I’ve got 10 dates that you can take with your son that don’t cost a lot of money and are perfect for winter.

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