Cowboy Egg Rolls

Black beans, corn, tomatoes, cream cheese... these cowboy egg rolls are so easy to make, and make the perfect appetizer for tailgating parties and for the big game! | Super Bowl Appetizer | Easy Appetizer | Vegetarian Appetizer |

I am a sucker for a good egg roll. Snack, lunch, tailgating party, it doesn’t matter. I really, really love egg rolls. I’m also a big fan of cream cheese and black beans, which is why I just had to make my own twist on egg rolls for this year’s tailgating parties. That’s how cowboy egg rolls came to be… they’re filled with the tastiest ingredients, and they’re oh-so-simple to make.

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Secret Recipe Spicy Ketchup

What's better than homemade ketchup? Homemade ketchup that is lip-tinglingly good! This spicy ketchup will set your mouth on fire in the best ways and make you crave more! Perfect companion to fries or burgers! You NEED this ketchup at your summer cookout!

So we’re big ketchup fans around here. Big ones. We are such ketchup fans, that about six months ago, my son even decided his name should be ketchup– and he refuses to go by much else. So, when we started going through the ketchup like crazy, I decided to dig out my old family recipe from my great grandmother, and make my own. But this ketchup held a lip-tingling secret… lots of spice! This spicy ketchup is the perfect pick for summer cook outs, but be warned, it bites back!

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