Fresh Berry Icebox Cake

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Have fresh berries? Make this delicious berry icebox cake! Creamy and packed with berry flavor, it's the perfect treat for backyard barbecues and makes a great 4th of July dessert. Plus, it's a no-bake dessert so you don't have to worry about even heating up the kitchen to make it!

Summer is here, and that means a few things. A slew of patriotic holidays, way-too-warm for comfort weather, and fresh berries in season. Well, I’ve found a cake that’s going to hit all the right notes for summer. This berry icebox cake is no-bake, contains fresh berries in a few ways, and is beautiful in red, white, and blue! Plus it’s incredibly easy to make, so you’ll have it ready and chilling for your next backyard barbecue in no time.

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3 Ingredient After-school Snacks with Honey Maid Go Bites

When it comes to after school snacks, it can be difficult to find something that is wholesome AND delicious AND easy to make. With these two recipes that have less than 3 ingredients and take minutes to prepare, you'll have a protein-rich snack for your kids before you know it. #ThisIsWholesome #CleverGirls #Ad

After school snacks are difficult. I mean, it’s easy to provide wholesome meals to your kids, and it’s easy to pick delicious snacks, but it can be hard to pick a delicious snack that’s also wholesome and doesn’t take forever to prepare, because let’s face it, we’re all tight on time as we’re rushing from class to the soccer game to the grocery store and everywhere else. That’s where Honey Maid Go Bites come in. Not only are they awesomely delicious pockets of graham cracker-y goodness, but they’re wholesome and perfect for creating some fun recipes with!

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