Spicy-As-Heck Sticky Ribs

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Do you like it hot? These spicy-as-heck sticky ribs are for you, then! A little bit sweet, a lot spicy, and oh-so-finger-licking delicious…. Use your favorite hot sauce to really kick up the heat level more, and more, and more for these spicy ribs you can make in your oven at home! Tone down the spice with a little sweet brown sugar, and you’ve got a meal that will stick to your own ribs, and your fingers, in the most delicious way. | oven-baked ribs | spicy ribs | sweet ribs | barbecue ribs | baby-back ribs |

Being from Kansas City, not much beats a good barbecue rib. Burnt ends, sure, but when it comes to ribs, around here, it’s usually barbecue. Now, I love barbecue ribs, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes I really want to take it up a few notches and to do that, I have to get spicy. That’s when these spicy-as-heck sticky ribs come in.

Why spicy-as-heck? Because you’re using a whole heck of a lot of hot sauce on them. And why sticky? Because to offset all of that spice, you have to have a little bit of sweet, and that comes in the form of brown sugar that caramelizes on the ribs and makes these stick to your fingers (in the best way… you’ll be licking them clean, trust me). You can bake these in your oven or toss them on the grill and have these spicy ribs practically falling off of the bone.

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Bangin’ Hot Buffalo Chicken

This buffalo chicken will be a hit with any family-- you'll never believe what's in the marinade! It's SO worth it, but trust me, it's hot hot hot. If you want a great chicken recipe for dinner, this is the one for you-- cut it up and serve it over tacos, rice, or by itself.

I LOVE spicy food. I just love it. Buffalo chicken is a great way to serve chicken, but I’ve just never been able to make it at home. Until now, that is. This buffalo chicken is so delicious, and the marinade so versatile that you could use it to coat storebought popcorn chicken, too. But these buffalo chicken breasts? They’re where it’s at– I love them by themselves, or cut up over rice, pasta, or in tacos. There’s just something spicy about them, and I’m so glad I found this recipe in my family recipe box to share with all of you. My grandfather must have known what he was doing to serve this super-spicy Buffalo Chicken!

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Secret Recipe Spicy Ketchup

What's better than homemade ketchup? Homemade ketchup that is lip-tinglingly good! This spicy ketchup will set your mouth on fire in the best ways and make you crave more! Perfect companion to fries or burgers! You NEED this ketchup at your summer cookout!

So we’re big ketchup fans around here. Big ones. We are such ketchup fans, that about six months ago, my son even decided his name should be ketchup– and he refuses to go by much else. So, when we started going through the ketchup like crazy, I decided to dig out my old family recipe from my great grandmother, and make my own. But this ketchup held a lip-tingling secret… lots of spice! This spicy ketchup is the perfect pick for summer cook outs, but be warned, it bites back!

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Blended Strawberry Mock-aritas and Hot & Spicy Cheese Dip for Cinco de Mayo!

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Wanting to celebrate a delicious Cinco de Mayo with friends and family? You'll love this delicious strawberry mock-arita... it's just like your favorite restaurant margarita, without any alcohol! Strawberry and lime abound, and they're delicious. It makes for the perfect drink recipe for summer. #DelimexFiesta #Ad

Green chiles and hot sauce add a little kick to this cheesy delight! You'll love this dip for your next fiesta, whether it's Cinco de Mayo or anytime! It's creamy, cheesy, and served hot, which makes it SO good for any time! #DelimexFiesta #Ad

I’m coming at you today with not one, but TWO recipes that will be perfect for your Cinco de Mayo fiesta! You’ll love these recipes for sharing with friends, or even enjoying yourself after a long day. The first is a perfect blended strawberry mock-arita (it’s alcohol free, so even your littlest sippers can enjoy some this summer!) and the second is a hot and spicy cheese dip that will be the hit of the party, whether you’re dipping chips or the Delimex Taquitos and Rolled Tacos that pair perfectly with it!

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