How to Throw a Smarty Pants Party!

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Do you have a Smarty Pants in your family? Celebrate school success and the back to school season with this Smarty Pants Party! It's complete with plenty of brain food, and goodie bags that are fun AND practical for staying stocked up on essentials for the school year. #Healthy4School [ad]

Do you have a smarty pants in your house? Maybe more than one? I love to celebrate school success during the back to school season with a fun party! It’s a great way to say “You’re doing a great job, and keep up the good work!” When you celebrate back to school and the success of your learner, you’re showing them that you’re proud of them! So, gather some goods and invite your learner’s closest friends over for a celebration.

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FREE TO BE YOU Party for Kids!

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Kids don't always have the opportunity for a lot of freedoms lately... between lots of homework, more prevalent allergies, and even just a busier overall life, kids just don't always feel Free To Be who they want to be lately... here's how to throw a party to celebrate them being Free To Be what they want to be! #FreeToBe [ad]

Kids have a lot on their plate anymore… even the youngest of them have homework overload, a general lack of free time, and a whole lot of extra things to do, like sports and hobbies. It makes it a lot harder for them to celebrate what makes them free to be themselves, and it makes it harder to have that connection or bond that you truly want to. So, I’ve decided to be a lot more intentional, as a parent, to make sure my son and his friends are Free To Be themselves, and to celebrate that, I decided to throw a Free To Be Bash! Here’s how to throw one at YOUR house, too.

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Dye-lightful Tie Dye Party!

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When it comes to parties, this one is tons of fun, regardless of guests' age! This tie dye party is great as a play date for little ones, a sleepover for older kids and tweens, and everything in between! With tie dye food, tie dye crafts, and tie dye favors, it's the perfect plan for a tie day party that's totally dye-lightful!

There’s nothing better than a good party. I mean, sleepovers are one of the most fun parts of growing up, and even for younger kids, a daytime party is a great way to enjoy an afternoon with friends. Whether you’re setting up an afternoon play date or doing a full-blown sleepover party, tie-dye parties are so fun for all ages! So today, I’m showing you the favors, the food, everything you need to have the most dye-lightful tie-dye party ever.

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3 Pizza Dipping Sauces to Upgrade Your Big Game Party!

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Here are 3 great pizza dips that will make your big game party even better! Don't settle for delicious pizza when you can have INCREDIBLE delicious pizza with this trio of dipping sauces-- sriracha marinara, honey alfredo, and homemade ranch dip that pair perfectly with Pizza and other snacks to make the big game even better. #TeamPizza [ad]

Can you believe how close we are to the big game this year? I mean, it’s been a pretty exciting year, and as it approaches, it’s time to start planning the menu… and I have a great idea for you. If you’re permanently busy (like I know most of us are), these simple recipes that are semi-homemade are going to be right up your alley. We all know that Red Baron pizza has crust perfection in every bite, but these dips are bringing next-level kind of game to your party! With little effort, you’ll have a spicy sriracha marinara, a sweet-and-savory honey alfredo, and a classic ranch for dipping your pizza in, plus I’ve got a suggestion to make serving it a SNAP!

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Bing Bong Blasters: Cotton Candy Mocktails

Do you love Inside Out? These Bing Bong Blasters are inspired by the beloved Imaginary Friend, and are made with cotton candy, just like Bing Bong! Check out these awesome cotton candy mocktails that are perfect for any age.

Who’s your friend that likes to play? Who’s rocket makes you yell hooray?

BING BONG! I have to tell you, Bing Bong is one of my absolute favorite characters from Inside Out. He’s just so witty, and I won’t give any spoilers, but he clearly loves Riley and wants her to be okay, too. And that’s why I had to create a perfect mocktail that is great for sipping while you watch the movie, or for enjoying at Inside Out birthday parties, or really, anytime you need a special treat. Plus, since Bing Bong is part cotton candy, it has a nice portion of that in it, too!

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How to Host a Brunch (Without Ruining Your Meal Plan)

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Yes, you CAN host a holiday celebration without blowing your meal plan. Seriously. It's the season of eating, but that doesn't mean we have to miss out if we're on a diet. This is the perfect way to throw a *lighter* brunch for all of your family and friends during the holiday season! #SmarterTreats #ad

The other day on Facebook, I was talking to a friend about how it seems that we used to only worry about summer bikini bodies. But now, summer bikini bodies start early so we can be ready for our kids’ spring break in March, stay fit all the way through summer, keep a lean body for Halloween costumes (which are mostly skin-tight, even for moms), and then of course, trying to still look good on Valentine’s Day. It becomes a never-ending cycle, and gone are the days about slacking off on a healthy lifestyle during the Holiday Season, or Season of Eating… luckily, you can still celebrate without giving up on your eating goals, because some of the best party food will fit perfectly in your meal plan… seriously! There is such a thing as a brunch that doesn’t break the Points Bank…

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Super Easy Halloween Party Games (You Can Play Using Soda Bottles!)

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Whether you need a last-minute Halloween party game without a ton of setup, or just an impromptu boredom buster, these awesome games take minutes to set up and are easy for anyone to play-- just grab some Orange Fanta, a few cups, and some tape, and you're all set! #CVS4FantaFun #ad

Halloween is pretty much upon us… in fact, with less than a week away, busy moms, I’m hearing your cry. Today, we’re getting ready for Halloween, and whether you’re planning a party with all of your friends, need a last-minute game to become the coolest car at the Trunk-or-Treat, or just want some post-Halloween boredom busters to burn off extra energy, this is the game plan for you.

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Spooky Halloween Pudding Snacks and Classroom Party Craft and Treat!

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From Spooky Halloween Classroom Party Crafts to treat toppers fit for a crowd, you'll love these ideas on how to top portable treats and delicious pudding! Zombie Hand pudding cups, brain pudding cups, creepy Teddy Graham pudding cups, Chocolate Cherry Monster Mash cups, and Monster Brains Snack Cups. #SnackPackMixIns #ad

The season of Halloween Class Parties is upon us. Even if you’re not a room volunteer, there are so many big celebrations for Halloween coming up, which is why unique snacks and crafts are key. I’ve got some easy treats and a fun craft that is perfect for one kid or thirty, making it perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a little spooky fun. These pudding toppers are effortless and so fun for everyone!

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How to Throw a MARVEL The Avengers: Age of Ultron Halloween Party!

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If you love Superheroes, you'll love this MARVEL The Avengers: Age of Ultron theme party! It's perfect for guests both young and old this Halloween. Enjoy Hawkeye Arrow Grape Pops, Black Widow Black Bean Dip, Hulk Smash Punch, and more while dressed up as your favorite Marvel characters!   #AvengersUnite #ad

I am so excited. My little man is totally into superheros, and as a mom, that’s definitely something I can get behind. I mean, think about it– Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner… every superhero needs a great backstory, and that’s why I couldn’t resist throwing a great party to celebrate the release of MARVEL’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron! If you’re looking for the perfect Halloween party idea, you’ll love this one.

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Pumpkin Spice Baby Shower Mints

These pumpkin spice baby shower mints are melt-in-your-mouth delicious, and they're so easy to make! No baby shower coming up? Make them in your favorite sports team colors for an easy tailgating dessert, or serve them at your Halloween and Thanksgiving parties! Plus, hello, if you don't dig pumpkin spice, you can make these in just about any flavor from banana to butter to rum!

I love a good baby shower. I mean, who isn’t a fan of welcoming new life into the world? There’s just so much to celebrate when a new baby is due. So when I found out a blogger I totally love was having a baby, I had to make some special mints to celebrate! These pumpkin spice cream cheese mints are perfect for welcoming autumn babies, but also for any celebration (like a football watch party, a Halloween bash, or Thanksgiving). Plus, they’re so easy to make that you’ll find any excuse to make them. But this time, I’ve made them to celebrate Katie from Clark’s Condensed as she welcomes her new little boy!

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