Maple Cactus Mudslide: A Frozen Mocktail

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Looking for a fun twist on your average mudslide? Here's a maple cactus mudslide mocktail, the perfect frozen blended treat! With white chocolate, maple syrup, and a splash of cactus water, it's everything you want in a mudslide and then some! This one is perfect for brunch! | Mocktail Recipe | Maple Syrup | Brunch drink |

I love a challenge. Sometimes, that challenge is to use a strange ingredient in a new recipe. And when my son found a carton of cactus water at the store, I had to use it in a fun new way. Now, I’ve been meaning to make a delicious maple drink for awhile, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity! It may sound a little strange, but prickly pear cactus water is already free of prickle (since it’s store-bought), and this mocktail is all about that white chocolate maple flavor with a refreshing hint of that cactus water. Trust me, you’ll love every element of this Maple Cactus Mudslide frozen mocktail. It’s perfect for brunch!

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Electric Blue Kiwi Margarita (Virgin Style!)

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If you want all of the margarita fun and flavor and none of the alcohol, you'll love this totally virgin electric blue kiwi margarita! Hello, spring and summer! This has plenty of flavor-- lime and kiwi, blue and bright green, it's party-ready in no time. Virgin margarita recipe made quickly in your blender! | Virgin Kiwi Margarita |

I cannot be the only non-drinker that loves watching Tipsy Bartender. He’s passionate about his work, and he always combines innovative, awesome flavors in his drinks. But I never get to try his fun recipes because, as I said, I don’t drink. But when I saw his Kiwi Margarita recipe, I knew I had to re-create it for all of my non-drinking friends! It’s too bright, too fun, and too delicious not to re-create, virgin-style! With Cinco de Mayo less than a month away, you’ll be all set with this delicious recipe.

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Kiss Under the Mistletoe Milkshake Mocktail Shots

Love milkshakes? These adorable Kiss Under the Mistletoe Milkshake Mocktail Shots are adorable mini options when it comes to winter indulgence. And they're delicious! These simple-to-make milkshakes are perfect for winter parties, Christmas parties, and more. They're the perfect party drink at Christmas!

I can’t be the only one who loves bite-sized indulgences at Christmas time. I am one of those people who just can’t make a decision, especially when it comes to the dessert table, so I really love being able to take a bite of this and a bite of that… that’s what makes these Kiss Under the Mistletoe Milkshake Mocktail Shots so perfect– they’re bite-sized (sip-sized?) milkshakes that are PACKED with holiday flavor in a shot-sized serving, so you can indulge, but still have room for pie after.

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Cranberry Orange Spritz Mocktail

Need a tart, sweet, fizzy little drink for your next holiday party? This cranberry orange spritz fits the bill! It's a mocktail that takes minutes to make and is positively delicious. Make it by the glass or by the big batch in a punch bowl, and keep the Christmas party going all night long!

I love a good fizzy mocktail. There’s just something about a tart, sort of sweet, fizzy little drink that screams “Holiday Party!” And trust me, this super simple drink is exactly what you’ll want at your Christmas party this year. A little cranberry, a little orange, a little fizz to tickle your nose before you hit up the mistletoe… this cranberry orange spritz is going to become your go-to Christmas mocktail, trust me.

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Mr. Grinch Mocktail (with Only 3 Ingredients!)

I received the KinderPerfect card game for free to feature in this blog post. All opinions are my own.

Having a Monday that feels like a Thursday? This Mr. Grinch mocktail will keep your crabbiness away during the season of holiday cheer when you're feeling more like a grinch than a cheermeister. And with only 3 ingredients, it'll definitely make your heart grow 3 sizes-- perfect for a last-minute holiday party drink!

Ever have one of those Mondays that feels so stressful, so exhausting, that you feel like it should be placed at the END of the week rather than the beginning? Yeah, me, too. Because it’s the holidays, the days of sugar and excitement and SANTA, my son is currently standing on a couch in his underwear, covering his ears while he screams the lyrics to Jingle Bells. Note to self: Hide the candy canes before we go into sugar overload. Yeah, it’s one of those Mondays. Luckily, I’ve got just the mocktail to help with that whole situation… because sometimes mommy needs a time out. Plus, this Mr. Grinch mocktail only has 3 ingredients, so by the end of the glass, you’ll feel more like a holiday CheerMeister than a Grinch… trust me.

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Bing Bong Blasters: Cotton Candy Mocktails

Do you love Inside Out? These Bing Bong Blasters are inspired by the beloved Imaginary Friend, and are made with cotton candy, just like Bing Bong! Check out these awesome cotton candy mocktails that are perfect for any age.

Who’s your friend that likes to play? Who’s rocket makes you yell hooray?

BING BONG! I have to tell you, Bing Bong is one of my absolute favorite characters from Inside Out. He’s just so witty, and I won’t give any spoilers, but he clearly loves Riley and wants her to be okay, too. And that’s why I had to create a perfect mocktail that is great for sipping while you watch the movie, or for enjoying at Inside Out birthday parties, or really, anytime you need a special treat. Plus, since Bing Bong is part cotton candy, it has a nice portion of that in it, too!

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The Power and Insanity of a Multi-Tasking Mom (Plus, Orange Dream Cooler Recipe)

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What is it with moms and multitasking? It seems like we can never get a spare minute to ourselves anymore! Do you find yourself doing your face mask while you clean the bathroom? You might be suffering from not enough mom time... so read this, and relate. #WaterOnlyBetter #ad

It started after Zach was born. I had never really noticed it before, but when he was born, it really did start. Late nights spent breastfeeding meant late nights where I’d just be… awake. So, I did something I swore I would never do. I got hooked on reality TV. See, my mind wasn’t awake enough for reading, and it really couldn’t handle TV with actual plot, either, so there I’d be, lying there awake after Zach had drifted off to sleep, realizing I needed to be doing…. well, something. Anything. if I wasn’t sleeping.

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Blended Strawberry Mock-aritas and Hot & Spicy Cheese Dip for Cinco de Mayo!

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Wanting to celebrate a delicious Cinco de Mayo with friends and family? You'll love this delicious strawberry mock-arita... it's just like your favorite restaurant margarita, without any alcohol! Strawberry and lime abound, and they're delicious. It makes for the perfect drink recipe for summer. #DelimexFiesta #Ad

Green chiles and hot sauce add a little kick to this cheesy delight! You'll love this dip for your next fiesta, whether it's Cinco de Mayo or anytime! It's creamy, cheesy, and served hot, which makes it SO good for any time! #DelimexFiesta #Ad

I’m coming at you today with not one, but TWO recipes that will be perfect for your Cinco de Mayo fiesta! You’ll love these recipes for sharing with friends, or even enjoying yourself after a long day. The first is a perfect blended strawberry mock-arita (it’s alcohol free, so even your littlest sippers can enjoy some this summer!) and the second is a hot and spicy cheese dip that will be the hit of the party, whether you’re dipping chips or the Delimex Taquitos and Rolled Tacos that pair perfectly with it!

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Delicious Mocktails for Spring Celebrations!

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Looking to #KeepSpringBubbly? Try these refreshing spring mocktails that take seconds to prepare and are perfect for your next spring gathering. You CAN throw a party together in under 15 minutes with these tips and recipes! #ad

I love entertaining, especially in the springtime. But it seems like there’s something about great weather that leads to unexpected guests. If you get the call that company is on the way, it’s actually not too hard to throw together a quick gathering by using items you already have on hand! Today, I want to share with you my favorite tips for easy last-minute entertaining, and I want to share a few of my favorite mocktail recipes for spring! As a non-drinker, I love being able to have a fancy, special drink, and it’s SO easy to prepare some unique, delicious spring mocktails that will get your guests mixing and mingling for sure!

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Crystal Light Sour Appletini Ice Cream

It has been 110 degrees here every day for about a month. I am dying. Seriously, even a dip in the pool is almost like swimming in a hot tub at this point, providing little to no relief from the really high temperatures around here. They’ve even been peaking to 115 degrees.

This is not okay with me. I prefer temperatures around 70 and 80 degrees, so this is just downright ridiculous. However, it has given me more than a few opportunities to break out my ice cream maker and play with it a little bit. It has resulted in some yummy concoctions, but none was more a hit than this one… a nice, icy, Crystal Light Sour Appletini Ice Cream.

I’m going to start here by saying that this recipe involves zero alcohol, so it is kid-friendly (I’m including myself in the kiddo category!)

As soon as Crystal Light came out with their mocktails, I was hooked on them. They’re delicious to whip up on a warm day and serve iced. I have always been a Crystal Light fan, mind you, but the new drinks really take the cake. The other day, I went to the mailbox, and found a fun gift from Crystal Light—a mocktail glass!

I’m going to be the first to say that, as a non-drinker, I have no idea how to even hold one of these pretty things, so while I immediately poured a glass of the Crystal Light mojito in it (yes, I’m aware, it’s the wrong glass to serve that in or whatever…) I actually kept spilling it on myself. I’m not kidding. But I wanted to get some use out of this fun glass they sent me, and I thought back to all of the times I’ve served desserts in glasses like that.

It hit me. I had to make a Crystal Light ice cream, and I had to do it right away.

At first, I had trouble deciding which flavor to use. I am absolutely certain this ice cream would work with any type of Crystal Light, but I really wanted to see how an Appletini version would turn out.

This is, honestly, the easiest recipe you’ll ever find for ice cream, hands down. There are no eggs. There’s really no measuring involved. All you do is grab your ice cream maker and your three ingredients, and you’re good to go.

Start by pouring a 2 liter bottle of ginger ale into your ice cream maker cylinder thing. (I think that’s the technical term for it!)

Pour in your Crystal Light Appletini Mocktail packets, or the Crystal Light packets of your choosing. (Note: I’ve found kids really like the punch that three packets of Crystal Light adds—it is a VERY sour apple flavor. Adults seem to prefer a recipe involving only two packets of the Crystal Light for the appletini recipe. It’s up to your own discretion, but the flavor of whatever packet you use will be stronger with the additional packet).

Add in a can of Sweetened Condensed milk. My grandfather swears by Eagle brand, my grandmother is a fan of Carnation, but personally, I buy the cheapest I can find at the moment, which in this case, happened to be generic. It will look something like this.

That’s it. Put the dasher into your ice cream machine, put the lid on, and turn that puppy on! Use your ice and rock salt the way you typically would for an ice cream, and then wait. And wait. And try to avoid opening the machine to see what it’s doing (I am the most impatient person alive). I personally use a Rival 4-quart machine and it takes about an hour and a half, but you can use this recipe in any 4-quart ice cream machine.

When the machine is done with it, it is typically more of a “soft serve” texture. It’s yummy like this, but I like to freeze it a little harder, typically for several hours or overnight.

Then, you can serve it in your favorite martini glass, and enjoy poolside, spoon optional.

Nutrition and serving information: The dessert clocks in at about 92.5 calories for a half cup serving (closer to 95.5 if you use 3 Crystal Light packets in the recipe instead of 2), which is a good 35 calories less than plain vanilla ice cream at the store. This recipe for Crystal Light Ice Cream also contains 1.5g Fat and 17.5g Sugars. Not exactly diet, but not exactly tipping the scale, either. You’ll get roughly 28 servings from one recipe, or about 3.5 quarts total.