Corn Casserole for a Crowd

Corn casserole, corn pudding, whatever you call it, it's a staple in our house for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. Trust me, you'll love this corn casserole recipe because it's so easy to make-- pour, stir, bake. It's all in one pan!

Seasons come and go, but one thing that stays the same in my family is corn casserole. It’s a treat during the holidays, but it’s also a perfect duplicate for a delicious end-of-meal bite served at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Jose Peppers, so we make it year-round. Sometimes called corn pudding, this corn casserole is beyond easy to make– seriously, you dump, stir, and bake… the end. That’s why it’s a staple in our house, because there’s no hassle!

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The Best Apple Recipes, Tips, and More!

Apples are easily my favorite thing about the fall season… growing up, fall was always the season for hot apple cider from a local cider mill, cider donuts, and just spending time with family. Not long ago, I shared one of my favorite recipes so you could make apple cider donuts at home! Today, though, I’d like to share this collection of apple themed posts from other bloggers around the web! From beauty to food to activities, these are all written by members of the Social Fabric community. I know you’re going to love them, and I hope you have a great season creating many amazing fall memories with your family.

SoFabSeasons Apples

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Pulled Pork Pasta Salad

Okay, I've got your perfect Tailgating recipe right here. Trust me, if you have a tailgate party or a homegate party, this is the pasta salad to make. It's got pulled pork in it, in honor of the Capital of Barbecue, Kansas City. Tender pulled pork adds flavor to these perfectly cooked noodles in a pasta salad that's packed with flavor. Don't need a tailgating recipe? This is great all summer and fall long! | 4th of July recipe | Labor Day recipe | Picnic recipe |

Tailgating season is upon us. Here in Kansas City, that means barbecue season. I mean, a Chiefs game, a Sporting KC game, they’re just not the same without some delicious shredded pork, drizzled with Kansas City style barbecue sauce, and slapped on a bun… thinking about the fall, tailgating season, pulled pork… it makes my mouth water! So when it comes to making the perfect side dish in KC, well, it needs to pair well with barbecue. This pasta salad works because not only does it pair well with barbecue, but it contains delicious, slow cooked pulled pork right there in the recipe. Now, I can’t tell you that this pulled pork pasta salad is a miracle or a lifesaver, but I can tell you that every member of my family went back for a 4th helping, so… well, you do the math.

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Mushroom Noodle Bake

Ever have those nights where you have the perfect main dish planned out, but can't think of a side to go with it? This easy mushroom noodle bake is the perfect side dish for pretty much any meat, or can be served on it's own for a delightful vegetarian casserole. Plus, since it's only got 5 ingredients, it's a great option for throwing together-- fast!

I love a good side dish. You know, those sides that can take an average dinner of chicken breasts thrown on the George Foreman from good to, well, great. I like a side dish that is hearty, that helps stretch a meal (because come on, guys, you have to eat more than just meat, right?) and, most importantly, takes very little time, effort, and crazy ingredients to make. Luckily, this mushroom noodle bake has only 5 ingredients, takes just a few minutes to throw together before popping it in the oven, and pairs well with literally any meat dish. And hey, if you’re not a carnivore, it actually makes a pretty great vegetarian casserole option, too!

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How to Expand your Picky Eater’s Food Horizons (Without Tears)!

Do you have a picky eater? There are ways to tackle that whole picky eating thing and find success with new foods for your child!

It seems like every family has a picky eater. For us, the worst part is a picky eater like my brother, who changes his preferences every few months (he hated onions, now he loves them; he loved spaghetti, and now he hates it, for example). It seems like there’s no rhyme or reason to what a lot of kids don’t like, and it starts to make me think that all kids are walking around with a little Disgust from Inside Out in their brains, hoping to prevent them from being poisoned, physically and socially. But here’s the deal… broccoli won’t kill them… but there ARE ways to make sure picky eaters are branching out while still getting the nutrition they need.

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3 Ingredient Chocolate Truffle Pudding

What's better than chocolate truffles? Smooth chocolate truffle deliciousness that you can eat with a spoon and share with a loved one! Whether it's for valentine's day, or you're just looking for the perfect dessert recipe, this pudding is delicious and can be made in a variety of flavors with only 3 ingredients. Chocolate mint? Sure. Chocolate banana? Definitely. The sky's the limit!

What’s better than a chocolate truffle? A chocolate truffle that you eat with a spoon, of course! This chocolate truffle pudding is essentially the same thick ganache you’d expect from the inside of a delicious truffle, but instead, this is in spoon form and can be easily shared with someone you love.

It has to be impossibly difficult, right? WRONG. At only 3 ingredients, you don’t even need to turn on your stove to make this recipe. All you need is a microwave and a few items (and a refrigerator helps, too, of course!)

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Müller Ice Cream Sundae Yogurt Mini Pies

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. Any opinions are my own. #MüllerMoment #CollectiveBias

Looking for a really indulgent, flavorful treat? Try these Ice Cream Sundae yogurt pies, which are made with Muller Ice Cream Inspired yogurt. Packed with nutrition, these are a hit at any party, with all ages, and are a more nutritious way to indulge. Plus, look at that hot fudge!   | #ad | #mullermoment | yogurt recipe | mini pie party recipe | easy recipe | 5 ingredients or less |

Is anything better than an indulgent treat at the end of a long day? Well, I think a not-so-bad for you indulgent treat may be better! I grew up an ice cream addict. My family regularly had homemade ice cream at celebrations and holidays, and I love sitting down with a bowl of ice cream at night. And my favorite flavor? Mint chip. Mmmm… Müller created a line, brand new in stores, of ice cream inspired yogurt, and they even have a mint version… and when life gives you ice cream inspired yogurt, it’s pretty much a given you’re going to make a delicious sundae-inspired treat, right?

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Tiramisu Dip

Need a crave-worthy dip for your next party? Want all of the elegance but none of the work? This easy tiramisu dip takes minutes to prepare and packs all of the flavor of tiramisu with none of the effort. It's the perfect party food!

I love tiramisu. It’s delicious. It just tastes fancy. There’s something about that blend of coffee and cream and everything delicious that makes my mouth water.

But it’s also kind of a pain in the butt to make. All of those layers! Don’t worry, though– you can totally serve the best tiramisu ever, without really serving tiramisu. With this easy tiramisu dip, you’ll give your guests (or yourself!) all of the flavor without any of the work that actual tiramisu requires.

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Best-Ever Road Trip Snacks

It's almost Thanksgiving! If you're traveling by car or plane, check out these great snack ideas to keep your family's energy in check during the trip!

As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s clear that most of us are no stranger to the road trip this time of year. And to be honest, road trips can be long, a bit crazy, and a little bit intense. Sometimes the best cure for a sibling fight or the beginnings of a headache is some good, old fashioned, road trip snacks. If you’re looking to beat the cost of gas station fare (or perhaps have better food), here are a few ideas.

Trail Mix
Not only is trail mix an awesome road trip snack because it mixes fruit, proteins from nuts, and other great brain-power type foods, but it’s also fun to eat and easily portable. You can whip up easy bags of trail mix yourself by pouring various foods into single-serve baggies, which you can pass to your kids (or pelt them with it, depending on how they’re behaving, am I right?). Try: cashews, leftover candy corn, craisins, apple cinnamon Cheerios, sunflower seeds, mini Nilla Wafers, M&Ms, Goldfish
Fresh Fruit
Seriously, there’s no reason to overlook fresh fruit. Many fruits pack well without a baggie or any sort of refrigeration (like apples and oranges), and fruit does something that a lot of other road trip foods can’t– it boosts blood sugar when you’re hitting crisis mode. We’ve all been there. Everything is going fine and then suddenly it’s a war zone in the backseat. A lot of times, that’s a result of dips in blood sugar (as well as long periods of close proximity, but still). Give the kiddos something sweet, but not too sweet, and things will mellow out. Fruit is the perfect choice for this because there’s minimal sugar crashing later.
Cold Snacks
There are actually quite a few travel-friendly snacks out there that require just a little chill. If you’re not traveling too far on your excursion, you can get away with a small cooler filled with ice, or even a lunchbox with an ice pack. Items like Go-Gurt, String Cheese, and Ranch Dressing for fresh veggies are low-mess and delicious for kids of all ages. Another great one? Pre-peeled hard boiled eggs– it’s great protein, which will really help!
Cupholder-friendly fare
One of the easiest ways to handle road trip snacks with easy distribution and no “It’s MY turn for the bag! MOMMMMM, he’s not passing it over here!” is to take a large bag and distribute toss-able cups. Popcorn and Goldfish crackers work especially well for this one!
Portable Treats
Did you think those little squeeze pouches were just for babies? Not anymore– applesauce, pudding, and other fruit and veggie blends for all ages are now available in a squeeze pouch, which is perfect for road trip snacking because there’s no spoon required! Looking for another option? Try a snack necklace– have your kids string cereal and dried fruit onto a thread, tie into a necklace shape, and let them wear-and-snack on the way. It’s a great activity for kids before getting into the car.
What is your favorite road trip snack? Let me know in the comments below! Looking for more healthy food for kids? Check out my best lunches for little tummies or find out how to sneak seasonal fall produce into your child’s diet. Want your child to get in on the cooking action (like with the cereal necklaces?) Try these snacks that kids can help make themselves!

The 15 Can Challenge: How You Can Make a Difference With One Can Each Week

The 15 Can Challenge changes lives without a ton of cost or effort. Here's how to serve others, simply-- there's no "I don't have time" excuse on this one!

A few days ago I got an invitation to an event from a Facebook friend. I’m notorious for seeing it on my phone, then overlooking an event or forgetting to respond, but the name of this one stood out. The 15 Can Challenge. I like challenges. I mean, just recently I posted about why the Ice Bucket Challenge was important to me, and I think challenges are a good way to push ourselves.

I clicked over, and saw a description that made it clear I needed to participate in this, but it also tugged at my heart to the point that I felt a need to share it with my readers, as well.

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