DIY Ombre Flower Monogram

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If you’re looking for the perfect door hanging or office decor, you’re going to love this impossibly easy ombre flower monogram! If you can trace a circle, fold a piece of felt, and use a hot glue gun, you can make this! It is the perfect substitute for a DIY Wreath, or looks great on any wall! Just pick the letter or wooden shape that appeals to you, and you’re all set to make this fun creation!

You know when you’re walking through a store and you see something and think “I need that.”? It happens to me all the time. Usually, I can silence that inner voice that says “BUY IT!” but with this one? No. I had to give in this wooden letter. When it comes to easy DIYs, you really can’t beat this one. It’s so simple. Your floral monogram can be ready to hang in about the time that it takes you to watch an episode of This Is Us. Or, you know, a show where you aren’t too busy sobbing to craft… but still. Timewise, it’s do-able to make this DIY Wreath in the length of a TV episode.

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DIY “Help! We’re Out Of…” Purse Shopping List!

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From gum to nail clippers, moms are always looking for the things they don't have enough of. Whether it's socks getting eaten in the laundry, hair ties snapping, or the last sandwich bag being used the night before a field trip, it's time to get re-stocked. This free printable shopping list will help you remember what you need a little more of, using a container from the 35-pack of Extra® Gum... with 35 sticks, you'll never run out of gum, no matter how much you share with your kids and your book club! #GiveExtraGetExtra #Target [ad]

As a mom, I’m always running out of things at the most inconvenient times…. My hair tie snaps on the hottest day of the year. I can never find the single sock that’s clean when we’re running late for school. No matter how many nail clippers I buy, within 6 months, they’ve all gone missing again. And it never fails, whenever I need gum, I’m always out, or worse, there’s that one crumpled piece in the bottom of my bag, covered in cracker crumbs and loose hair. Ew. Why is it so hard to remember to re-stock on these things before they’re gone?

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Weekend DIY: Table and Chairs Makeover!

Looking for a quick renovation to totally upgrade your style? Check out this weekend DIY that was achieved with spray paint! It's like a whole new table!   | DIY Furniture Renovation | Table Makeover |

Sometimes, a little magic happens when you go to renovate. Take this table and chairs, for instance. A gift from friends several years ago when I got my first apartment, the table had been well-loved for years. It had been perfect for my apartment, but as my tastes and styles changed, I realized the table needed to change, too. I had purchased some spray paint for the project, and I had fabric I planned to use, but I wasn’t like… in love with it. It was more of a reflection of my tastes and a thought on what might look good. But then, fate intervened.

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