Cranberry Orange Spritz Mocktail

Need a tart, sweet, fizzy little drink for your next holiday party? This cranberry orange spritz fits the bill! It's a mocktail that takes minutes to make and is positively delicious. Make it by the glass or by the big batch in a punch bowl, and keep the Christmas party going all night long!

I love a good fizzy mocktail. There’s just something about a tart, sort of sweet, fizzy little drink that screams “Holiday Party!” And trust me, this super simple drink is exactly what you’ll want at your Christmas party this year. A little cranberry, a little orange, a little fizz to tickle your nose before you hit up the mistletoe… this cranberry orange spritz is going to become your go-to Christmas mocktail, trust me.

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Surprisingly Easy Salted Caramel Cocoa

Love salted caramel mochas and salted caramel cocoa? It's incredibly easy to make at home! Check out this easy DIY Salted Caramel Cocoa recipe so you can have a coffeeshop favorite at home with sea salt, homemade caramel, and delicious chocolate. #CupForCrushingIt #ad

Fall temperatures are finally starting to get colder. I mean, seriously, we’ve spent most of the autumn in the 70s and 80s, so it hasn’t ever really felt like fall. The one saving grace is that the leaves are starting to turn red and orange, and I’ve been able to enjoy some fall drinks like Pumpkin Spice Cocoa and this Salted Caramel Cocoa… eventually, you may even decide to skip your favorite coffeehouse stop altogether, because trust me, this is SO, so easy to make.

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3 Irresistible End-of-Summer Mocktails

Ugh. Back to school time already? I mean, I love back to school, don’t get me wrong, but there’s just this finality that seeing backpacks and pencil cases in stores brings. It means that before long, the pool will be closing, the days will be shorter, and it’ll be time to pull the sweaters from the back of the closet. While fall is pretty much my favorite thing, I’m never ready to say farewell to summer, either, so I had to share these three great summer mocktails that will keep you in good spirits until that first bus pulls away or the books come out of storage. The best part? Since they’re mocktails, the whole family can indulge in a little celebratory toast to a rockin’ school year.

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A&W Root Beer Float Cookie Bars

I was walking through Walmart not too long ago and saw a product that made me stop dead in my tracks. As a member of a Root Beer loving family, I knew I had to make something awesome with the mix I saw on the shelf. Betty Crocker actually released a Walmart-Exclusive Root Beer Float cookie mix. The first thing I thought? “This is either going to be absolutely amazing, or really off the mark…” I mean, you can’t make a root beer cookie… can you? Well, Betty Crocker succeeded, and I decided to tweak their cookie to make the perfect party treat. The best part? It’s really simple.

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Marshmallow Rice Krispie Milkshakes

I’ll be the first to confess that I’ve only been to Jack-In-The-Box once. I was pregnant, it was late, and I was dying for both egg rolls and burgers. The restaurant was new to the area and I just happened to order those two items, but I totally missed out on what seems to be a true gem.

I can’t promise this milkshake will taste exactly like that, since I’ve never gotten the chance to try it. What I can say is that this milkshake is really, really, really good.

For each shake, you’ll want to start with 1/4 cup milk and a nice heaping spoonful of Jet-Puffed marshmallow fluff. Stir those together really well, then introduce 1/4 cup of vanilla ice cream, softened.

Stir that together until it reaches a shake-y consistency (I know, I’m getting totally technical with my terminology here!)

Right before you drink, stir in just under 1/4 cup Rice Krispies, topping with extra if you want.

Serve with a bendy straw and sip away, dudes, because this is a divine shake.

Need more Rice Krispie inspiration? Come back tomorrow for a few more Rice Krispie recipes, or visit my Pinterest board for inspiration from around the web. If that’s still not quite enough, be sure you go to my Rice Krispie Party Post to enter for a chance to win a Rice Krispie Prize Package!