No, I won’t make my son wear pants.

My son shouldn't have to wear pants to make anyone else feel comfortable. Here's why I leave that decision up to him... | oped | controversial mom opinions | parenting SPD | parenting ASD | autism | clothing sensitivity |

“Well, I thought  he was fully dressed until I saw his legs.”

“Isn’t he cold like that?”

“Does he ever wear pants?”

I’ve seen all of the comments. I’ve listened to everything that’s been said. And you know what? No, I’m not making my son, who has clothing sensitivity as a result of autism and sensory processing disorder, wear pants when he’s at home. I’ve got a few reasons.

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Why I Still Hold My Son Sometimes

How old is too old to hold your child? This is why I still pick up my son.  | parenting | attachment parenting | babywearing | toddlerwearing |

We were waiting in line to meet Santa. It was a great day, but the crowd simply got to be too much for my little guy. The excitement of the morning, the need to wake up early for the special breakfast, and the sugar of pancake syrup were all combining for a perfect storm of shyness and jitters. “Mommy, please take me.” So, despite a few funny glances, I lifted my 4 year old onto my hip and held him close.

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