Cinnamon Apple Bake

Looking for the perfect breakfast or dessert? You'll love this cinnamon apple bake-- using storebought ingredients and fresh apples, it takes no time at all to throw together and serve at your next get together, or for a nice breakfast with the family!

I love a good hearty breakfast. I also love a great dessert. And best of all, I love those dishes that can taste great no matter when you make them! This cinnamon apple bake is the perfect dessert or breakfast dish, and it’s so easy to throw together that your family will be begging for you to make it again and again.

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“Mama’s Travelers” Sticky Biscuit Cake

This sticky biscuit cake is adapted from a classic family recipe, and it's just like sticky buns... but in cake form! Raisins, nuts, brown sugar, and butter combine to make this sweet, delicious breakfast cake (or anytime cake, really!)

This recipe started out with good intentions. I had a fantastic recipe in my great grandmother’s handwriting, a classic recipe that just makes me think of Christmas morning– sticky buns. The recipe, referred to as “Mama’s Travelers” for some reason, looked delicious… and called for biscuit dough. Luckily, my other great grandmother had left a recipe for melt-in-your-mouth biscuits, making a perfect biscuit dough for this sweet recipe. And all went well, until I went to roll it up… and then I realized these wouldn’t be sticky buns after all. However, what resulted was the best. darn. mistake I’ve ever made (because, well, with some quick thinking, it became a cake).

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Microwave Coffee Cake

Need a last-minute idea for mother's day breakfast? Here's a great plan-- microwave coffee cake that takes less than 20 minutes, start-to-finish! It's delicious and easy, the perfect breakfast recipe or brunch recipe!

Mother’s Day is Sunday. Here’s a tip: don’t forget that Mother’s Day is Sunday! If you need a last-minute recipe idea, here’s one that will work really well for you– it’s coffee cake. But without any prep work. It literally takes minutes to prepare, and you bake it in the microwave! Because it’s quick and easy, you’ll be able to make this not just for mother’s day, but any time!

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