“Mama’s Travelers” Sticky Biscuit Cake

This sticky biscuit cake is adapted from a classic family recipe, and it's just like sticky buns... but in cake form! Raisins, nuts, brown sugar, and butter combine to make this sweet, delicious breakfast cake (or anytime cake, really!)

This recipe started out with good intentions. I had a fantastic recipe in my great grandmother’s handwriting, a classic recipe that just makes me think of Christmas morning– sticky buns. The recipe, referred to as “Mama’s Travelers” for some reason, looked delicious… and called for biscuit dough. Luckily, my other great grandmother had left a recipe for melt-in-your-mouth biscuits, making a perfect biscuit dough for this sweet recipe. And all went well, until I went to roll it up… and then I realized these wouldn’t be sticky buns after all. However, what resulted was the best. darn. mistake I’ve ever made (because, well, with some quick thinking, it became a cake).

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Pecan Chicken

Creamy. Juicy. Nutty. This pecan chicken is going to be a dinnertime staple-- it's a little sweet, a lot of savory, and so delicious your whole family will love it! Perfect chicken recipe for dinner.

I’ve said it a few times before– I love digging through the stacks of old recipes I inherited from my grandfather. Not only does it have some of his favorites, but also favorites from my grandmother and from my great grandparents. Sometimes, these old, frail recipes are just spot on, and sometimes, they take a little bit of modification to get just right. After giving this recipe a go, I figured out the best way to make it work perfectly, and I cannot wait to share it with you today. If you love pecans, you’re going to love this Pecan Chicken recipe. It’s going to be a dinnertime staple– it’s a little sweet, a lot of savory, and so delicious your whole family will love it! Perfect chicken recipe for dinner.

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Maple Apple Dump Cake

This maple apple dump cake is so easy and the perfect fall recipe. Who doesn't love a good apple recipe in the fall? And it's so easy-- just dump and bake!

Yesterday, for many, marked the official end of summer. That must make today the official start of fall, then, right? The day when it’s acceptable to start posting all things pumpkin spice lattes and apple cider and all things autumn? I certainly hope so, because I have the perfect cake to get your autumn kicked off the right way!

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