Müller Ice Cream Sundae Yogurt Mini Pies

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Looking for a really indulgent, flavorful treat? Try these Ice Cream Sundae yogurt pies, which are made with Muller Ice Cream Inspired yogurt. Packed with nutrition, these are a hit at any party, with all ages, and are a more nutritious way to indulge. Plus, look at that hot fudge!   | #ad | #mullermoment | yogurt recipe | mini pie party recipe | easy recipe | 5 ingredients or less |

Is anything better than an indulgent treat at the end of a long day? Well, I think a not-so-bad for you indulgent treat may be better! I grew up an ice cream addict. My family regularly had homemade ice cream at celebrations and holidays, and I love sitting down with a bowl of ice cream at night. And my favorite flavor? Mint chip. Mmmm… Müller created a line, brand new in stores, of ice cream inspired yogurt, and they even have a mint version… and when life gives you ice cream inspired yogurt, it’s pretty much a given you’re going to make a delicious sundae-inspired treat, right?

Muller Ice Cream Inspired Yogurt at Walmart. #ad #collectivebias #mullermoment

Zach and I started our Müller Ice Cream Inspired Yogurt Adventure by heading to Walmart. Skip the ice cream aisle, because this yogurt is like… yogurt yogurt. Not like frozen yogurt. It’s oh-so-creamy, perfectly delicious, and you’ll find it in the yogurt section of the store, near the pudding cups and other Müller products. See that smile on Zach’s face? That’s him thinking I’m going to share my yummy ice cream inspired yogurt with him… (I did share. A little).

Experience an indulgent #mullermoment with Muller Ice Cream Inspired yogurt, available at Walmart. #ad #collectivebias #cbias

What I love about the Müller yogurt is that it’s just the right amount of wrong, which means you can indulge without having to worry too much. Because I like to hit the ice cream a little bit too hard, and because of my post-holiday need to trim down, I’m a pretty big fan of the idea that this yogurt has less sugar than other yogurt on the market, clocks in between 190 and 210 calories (depending on flavor) and is a good source of protein. Plus, the ice cream flavor makes me feel not-so-guilty when I start my day with dessert first, because yogurt is TOTALLY a breakfast food!

You can make a delicious ice-cream type pie using ice cream flavors of yogurt and pre-made crusts! #mullermoment #cbias #ad

But it would be a shame to have this yummy yogurt and not go all out, right? After all, what’s an ice cream flavor without a party?! So I grabbed some pre-made graham cracker mini crusts, but you can make your own graham cracker crust if you prefer– simply combine 4 tablespoons melted butter, 1 cup of graham cracker crumbs, and 2 tablespoons granulated sugar and divide between several cupcake liners, pressing the crust into the bottom and up the sides of the liner.

Ice Cream Sundae Yogurt Pies featuring Muller Ice Cream Inspired yogurt | dessert | breakfast | chocolate | ice cream | #mullermoment #ad #cbias

Carefully spoon yogurt into the crusts, whichever flavor you prefer. Right now, the Müller Ice Cream Inspired Yogurt flavors are Mint Chocolate Chip, Raspberry Chocolate, and Vanilla Bean– and don’t confuse vanilla bean with your standard vanilla yogurt. It’s creamy and even has those awesome vanilla flecks in it! One container will fill a pre-made shell with just a little bit leftover, so if you’re making them for a party, try to have one shell and one yogurt container on hand for each guest.

Make indulgent no-bake ice cream inspired pies with Muller yogurt. These take minutes to make and are a hit at parties... and because it's yogurt, it can be an indulgent dessert OR a breakfast! #ad #cbias #mullermoment

Drizzle your yogurt mini pies with hot fudge or your topping of choice– whatever you’d usually drizzle over a sundae is what you drizzle over this yogurt pie. Get creative and funky at this point– don’t think you have to use hot fudge. A caramel drizzle would taste so good on the vanilla bean!

Perfect for breakfast, brunch, or lunch, these yogurt mini pies using Muller Ice Cream Inspired Yogurt flavors are great for any time! And, as a good source of protein, they'll keep you full. #ad #cbias #mullermoment

Next, go nuts! (Literally). Sprinkle on chopped nuts, sprinkles, or pipe on your favorite whipped topping. Didn’t these turn out so festive? I’m just dying to serve these mini pies at brunch… after all, it’s yogurt, and yogurt totally counts as a breakfast food, like I said. Wouldn’t these be an awesome brunch dessert?

Mini yogurt pies-- serve at brunch, breakfast, dessert or anytime. These are made with yogurt, so you really can serve them any time of day, and they only take a couple of minutes to make. They're seriously the next best thing to a hot fudge sundae. #mullermoment #cbias #ad

Dig in! That’s seriously it– it takes minutes to make and even less time to devour because it’s yummy. I did actually end up sharing one of the pies with Zach, and it was a pretty big hit. (Mostly because it combines 3 of his favorite things– yogurt, sprinkles, and chocolate). And, I’m okay with him eating it, because after all… it’s yogurt! (Even if it’s ice cream inspired yogurt that tastes like our favorite flavors of ice cream).

Muller Ice Cream Inspired Yogurt shines in these easy-to-make no bake ice cream sundae mini pies, which only take a few minutes to make. Plus, they're protein-packed, and work for breakfast, dessert, or brunch! #mullermoment #ad #cbias 


What’s your favorite way to indulge? Is it a secret stash of chocolate that your kids don’t know about? A hot cup of coffee in the morning? A favorite yogurt flavor? Let me know in the comments below!



Don’t forget to check out the website for Muller Ice Cream Inspired Yogurt, or connect with Müller on Twitter or Facebook! Also, there was a coupon in yesterday’s paper for $1 off of 5 Müller Ice Cream Inspired Yogurt, so you can try it out at a little discount!

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