5 Ways to Play in Fall and Winter

Meteorologists are predicting the winter of 2016 to be a warm one! Take advantage of it with plenty of ways to play this fall and winter. #CLIFkids [ad]

Just a few days ago, meteorologists in Kansas City started releasing their weather reports for winter 2016. Most of them agreed– winter would be mild, and at times unseasonably warm, with little snow. While that may be a bummer for snow-lovers, it’s a great thing for everyone who loves to play outside! This fall and winter is going to be a great one for PLAY, and today, I’m sharing my 5 favorite ways to play in fall and winter (with a few tips on where to play in Kansas City, too)!

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End Of Summer Road Trips from Kansas City

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Summer may be almost over, but there's still plenty of time to sneak in a little last-minute road trip. If you're from the Kansas City area, there are a ton of nearby options for places to travel, so you can sneak in that family bonding time before back to school hits. #RoadTripOil [ad]

I cannot even handle the fact that we’re over halfway through summer. I mean, I looked at the calendar, and we have like… 3 weeks left of the pool being open for the year. As much as I’m looking forward to my fall favorites returning in just a few short weeks, I also know that I want to squeeze out every last drop of summer I can. It’s about this time of year every year that I itch to take a little road trip, a short end-of-summer vacation, a last hurrah before the fall returns and we remember that school is just around the corner… and when you’re from the Kansas City area, you’re incredibly blessed with tons of nearby places that are really awesome to visit, without having to go too horribly far for a last-minute road trip. That means it’s not too late to visit them now… just hop in the car and enjoy!

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The Importance of Scheduled Growth

Scheduling opportunities to grow, regardless of your industry, niche, or lifestyle, is incredibly important. Here's why that time for peace, renewal, and growth is so important.

This weekend, I took some time away. And by time away, I don’t mean I went to a spa and relaxed. I mean I went to a conference and learned a lot. Hours and hours of information was packed into one day, leaving me with a long to-do list of things to work on over the next couple of weeks.

You wouldn’t think this would be refreshing. But honestly? It was.

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8 Ways to Rock Your Next Vacation (With Your Smartphone!)

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Going on a spring break trip or family vacation? If you're taking a road trip, you definitely want to check out these travel hacks and special uses for your smartphone that will bring your family together on your next road trip... when you've been in a car together for WAY too long, you'll wish you had checked this post out! #DataAndAMovie [ad]

Spring break season is almost upon us… I can’t believe I’m saying that, but now that January’s over, it’s officially time to start planning those spring break trips. And while you’re planning, you definitely need to make sure your smartphone has a great data plan, because I’ve got eight smartphone travel tips for your next road trip that will bring your family together on the road, and make your life a whole lot easier.

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How a Highway Turkey United My Hometown

Have you ever seen something little bring your whole town together for good? In my hometown, it was a turkey.... a simple turkey that led to a massive change in the way our town cooperated and worked together, and that brought together people from around the country, too.

It all started with a turkey. Just a simple, wild turkey who loved to hang out by the side of the highway just north of my hometown. He was there for about a year before someone made that first post in a community group for ladies in my town… “Hey, has anyone else seen that turkey on the highway?”

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Pumpkin Spice Dipped Biscotti

I partnered with the Roasterie Kansas City Air Roasted Coffee for this post. All opinions are my own.

Ah, biscotti... coffee's perfect friend. This delicious dipping cookie is easy to make at home, and ships well to friends and family across the country. Pumpkin Spice Biscotti is a great gift for your Thanksgiving hostess, a great cookie exchange item, and the perfect treat on a cold fall morning when paired with your favorite Roasterie Kansas City coffee blend. Plus, it's SO easy to make this simple biscotti recipe.

Fall is upon us, and it’s seriously starting to get chilly… temperatures are dipping lower and lower and I’m pretty much ready to turn my heat on. The only thing saving my heating bill right now is a nice steaming hot cup of coffee. And what’s better with coffee than a really delicious piece of biscotti? Nothing. Except maybe a delicious piece of pumpkin spice biscotti, especially if you’re dipping it into incredible Roasterie Kansas City Air Roasted Coffee. Plus, it’s so easy to make, which means it’s the perfect gift for your Thanksgiving hostess, your friends, and, well, yourself. And since biscotti is a treat that ships really well, it’s also great for those friends who live halfway across the country. Here’s how to make this sweet pumpkin spice treat.

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Top 10 Kansas City Fall Activities (For Families)

Looking for something awesome to do this fall in Kansas City? Here's the full list of the top 10 best things to do in Kansas City during the fall if you have a family or children! These are all family friendly and oh-so-fun, so start tackling your Fall Bucket List now!

It is no secret that I absolutely love Kansas City. Everything about living here is so great– it seems like the best of all worlds with it’s small town feel and big city thrill, the fantastic weather (we are so lucky to experience all four seasons, including this beautiful fall weather that we’ve already gotten a taste of this year)… just everything. So whether you’re from here, or you’re just visiting this fall, there is plenty to do if you have a family– from animals to pumpkins and everything in between, this list has you covered with all of the coolest things to do in KC this fall– both on specific weekends and all autumn long. It’s your ultimate Kansas City Fall Bucket List!

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Must-Have Annual Memberships for Kansas City Families!

Looking for the perfect gift or great summer activity for your family? If you live in or near Kansas City, here is the run-down of what memberships to get (and which ones to skip!) so you can spend your money wisely, and save by getting an annual pass!


This winter, I had what many of my friends referred to as my “grinch year.” I was up to my eyeballs in too many toys, and I put a ban on the entire family– NO. TOYS. PERIOD. I was not going to let another toy come into my house when we were overloaded even after getting rid of a bunch. Instead, I encouraged my family to consider ideas that might be more long-lasting and educational, but still fun (like subscription boxes or annual memberships). I also put my money where my mouth was and got my son an annual pass to SeaLife Aquarium, the Legoland Discovery Center, and to Union Station, 3 places we visited last fall and loved.

And this summer? I’m so thankful for my grinch year, because the memberships we have now are perfect for our summer fun, and we’ve been getting tons of use out of each. So, now that my son and I are well-versed in what memberships are worth it in the KC area (and which you might want to skip).

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My Busy Mom “Go Bag” Essentials

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As a busy mom, there are some things you just shouldn't leave home without! Here are my busy mom bag essentials that I'd never think to head out without-- read why they made the list! #ChangingPrepaid #Ad

Mom life can be hectic sometimes, and it feels like between gymnastics, soccer camp, visiting our favorite museums, and just hanging out at the park, we are always on the go. Even though I’ve never been much of a purse girl, our on-the-go lifestyle has made it so I pretty much have to have a bag on me at all times. And that’s where our “go-bag” comes in– our essentials are all in one spot, and that definitely helps. There are some things I always have on hand.

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XTreme Bugs and New Additions to Union Station’s Science City!

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If you're in the Kansas City area (or even if you aren't), you don't want to miss these exhibits. XTreme Bugs runs through April, and the new Science City exhibits are great permanent additions to the facility! Read what's new, then stop by and visit.

After our trip to Science City last fall, I knew that it was important for us to keep going back. Zach had such a good time, and continued talking about our trip so much, that buying an annual membership was the only option for us– we just knew it was something we’d use. The bright side is that the membership also gets discounted admission to special exhibits, including one very, very exciting exhibit– XTreme Bugs!

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