DIY Ombre Flower Monogram

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If you’re looking for the perfect door hanging or office decor, you’re going to love this impossibly easy ombre flower monogram! If you can trace a circle, fold a piece of felt, and use a hot glue gun, you can make this! It is the perfect substitute for a DIY Wreath, or looks great on any wall! Just pick the letter or wooden shape that appeals to you, and you’re all set to make this fun creation!

You know when you’re walking through a store and you see something and think “I need that.”? It happens to me all the time. Usually, I can silence that inner voice that says “BUY IT!” but with this one? No. I had to give in this wooden letter. When it comes to easy DIYs, you really can’t beat this one. It’s so simple. Your floral monogram can be ready to hang in about the time that it takes you to watch an episode of This Is Us. Or, you know, a show where you aren’t too busy sobbing to craft… but still. Timewise, it’s do-able to make this DIY Wreath in the length of a TV episode.

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Updating your Coffee Bar for Fall Entertaining

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It's time to start entertaining for the fall season, and that means making sure your coffee bar is well-stocked for guests. Make it look super cute with this sign DIY and a little seasonal update! #ad #StarbucksCaffeLatte #MyStarbucksatHome

Now that fall is in full swing, it’s time to recognize the fact that Thanksgiving is approaching pretty rapidly. I know, I can hardly believe it either, but now that Zack and I have our Halloween costumes squared away, it’s pretty easy to think that guests will be arriving soon for the various fall and winter holidays… That’s why I couldn’t put it off any longer– it was time to update my coffee bar to prepare for fall guests.

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How to Save Money and Time on Your Bathroom Makeover!

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Doing a major bathroom makeover but want to save time and money on your bathroom renovation? How about a fresh coat of paint to update your bathroom without the high price tag of new fixtures? Here's how to change the look of your bathroom for less. #CraftedExperience #Ad

A few months ago, my mom decided to change her guest bathroom completely. Keep in mind, this is my mom, who banished white walls from the house years ago, replacing everything with plenty of color. When she decided to do an updated black-and-white bathroom with white walls, we were all pretty stunned, but it didn’t take long to start transforming the bathroom with some white paint and a new shower curtain. However, that’s where the transformation ended… and it was time to finish the process, but the budget was just starting to run low with a million other home updates on the list (like a new patio and new shed). Luckily, we were able to complete the look of the bathroom by spending less than $20 more, and in less than 2 hours. Yes, really.

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Easy Fall Mantel Decor (Even if You Don’t Have a Mantel!)

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Looking for the perfect fall decor ideas? See inspiring fall mantels on pinterest but don't know how to recreate them at home? Here are some tips-- even if you don't have a mantel of your own! This uses floating shelves, but you can use these tips for any mantel or shelving this fall! #LoveAmericanHome #ad

Okay, so I have to admit, I’ve had a lot of Pinterest Envy (Pinvy???) when it comes to mantel decorating. It seems like everyone has this gorgeous mantel that they update with the seasons, and I had just about had it. I was about ready to just quit Pinterest so I could stop feeling so desperate for a mantel space when I realized… hey! I have shelving that I could decorate just as easily! So, whether you have a mantel or not, I want to give you a few tips on the best fall decorating ideas for that space– from back to school to Halloween to Thanksgiving, I’ve got an idea that will transition throughout the fall, without a lot of crazy effort.

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DIY Glitter Traveling Lanterns for Nighttime Confidence

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These DIY glitter lamps are perfect for helping kids build nighttime confidence. It can be hard to get even potty trained kids to make it to the bathroom at night, or to stop kids from wetting the bed, but if going in the dark is part of the problem, these lamps are awesome!


My son is stubborn. Anyone who has met me has probably figured out where he gets it from, I’m sure, but it seemed like potty training took us a little longer than it did for many of his peers. It wasn’t like he didn’t know he needed to go– it’s that he just… didn’t want to take the time away from what he was doing. We tried timers. We tried bribery. We tried just about everything. When he finally started to get the hang of it, it was a serious celebration. We even had a potty party to celebrate NO MORE DIAPERS!

But then he continued to need one at night. We had made it during the day, finally broken the cycle of constant accidents, but night was a totally different story. And this time? It wasn’t stubbornness. He either didn’t wake fully to make it to the potty, or when he did, he struggled to get there in the dark without nervousness.

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Weekend DIY: Table and Chairs Makeover!

Looking for a quick renovation to totally upgrade your style? Check out this weekend DIY that was achieved with spray paint! It's like a whole new table!   | DIY Furniture Renovation | Table Makeover |

Sometimes, a little magic happens when you go to renovate. Take this table and chairs, for instance. A gift from friends several years ago when I got my first apartment, the table had been well-loved for years. It had been perfect for my apartment, but as my tastes and styles changed, I realized the table needed to change, too. I had purchased some spray paint for the project, and I had fabric I planned to use, but I wasn’t like… in love with it. It was more of a reflection of my tastes and a thought on what might look good. But then, fate intervened.

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1 Tray, 4 Ways for the Holidays

Put your favorite decorative tray to use this holiday season by checking out these great holiday ideas! From family time to girls' night in, this is the perfect Christmas idea for using those super cute trays you find in stores!  | christmas idea | holiday decoration | christmas party |

I’ll admit it, I’m obsessed with those adorable decorative serving trays you find in stores. Every time I go to Target, I lust after the newest one they’ve released, and every time, I pass it by. I mean, how will I use it, outside of breakfast in bed? I’d really love to use it, but I mean, is it practical? I ask myself every time. After passing up this particular tray all last season, when I saw it reappear at Target, I knew I had to have it! So, I sat down, determined to figure out ways I could use this tray before I spent the money. And trust me, I was not disappointed with the ways I’ve been able to use it. Are you longing for a beautiful serving tray?

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10 Can’t-Miss Places to Clean Before Guests Arrive

Yikes! Thanksgiving guests are coming. Think you've cleaned everywhere? Guess again-- here's 10 unconventional places you might have missed when cleaning house.


Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and I’m going to guess that more than a few of you are hosting this year. I know how it is– you clean, and you clean, and you clean in places you think you’ve never cleaned before. But just when you think you’ve cleaned it all, sure enough, your Great Aunt Martha comes in and peeks in that one place you didn’t clean… yikes. Never fear– I’m listing out ten places you need to clean before guests arrive (but may have forgotten).

Front Closet

It’s November. Unless you live in Florida or Hawaii, you’re probably going to be taking a few coats. Beyond just cleaning it up a bit and making sure you have room for coats, now is a great time to purge any old, ill-fitting coats, make sure you have plenty of hangers for your guests, vacuum the floor inside in case any coats fall on the floor, and consider investing in a floormat for the closet if you live in an area where you may get some mucky, snowy, wintery boots.

Likewise, when you clean before guests arrive, you’ll want to consider cleaning a spare bedroom if you plan on keeping your coats in there instead of a hall closet. Wash the bedding both before and after you place coats on your bed (you never know what someone’s carrying on their clothing!) or consider just hanging the coats in a bedroom closet to keep them off of your bedding altogether.

Medicine Cabinet

Why the medicine cabinet, you might be asking? Because think about it… you know there’s going to be that one guest who snoops to see what you’ve got in there out of sheer curiosity. Go ahead and pack away any prescriptions, just for the day, and move anything you don’t want someone seeing out of sight. Better yet, stock your medicine cabinet with some extras just in case, like extra soap, mints, or feminine hygiene products, to help your snooping guests find what they may be looking for. Are you a family that likes having fun with each other? Stick a funny image that says you KNOW they’re snooping– like “Ha! Caught You!”


Before your guests arrive, make sure you clean out your refrigerator. If you’re serving pot-luck style, there’s likely something that needs to be chilled until you sit down to the table, and how often does a guest end up helping themselves to something, even if you’ve set it all out where they need it? At the very minimum, cleaning it out allows you plenty of space for leftovers after the meal, so being proactive and getting it cleaned before guests come is a good way to have it done whether guests see it or not.

Couch Cusions

This is a MUST if you have pets or kids. For one, allergies are everywhere these days, so the last thing you want is a guest hacking and coughing because you missed some pet dander. You’ll remember to vacuum and sweep, but don’t overlook couch cushions. Further, make sure to check for any stray toys, and if you haven’t done it in awhile, pull the couch all the way out to sweep or vacuum underneath. You might be surprised!

Trash Can

On Thanksgiving, you’re bound to have a lot of trash getting tossed, from turkey carcasses to dinnerware (particularly if you go dish-free and serve on paper, because hey, we aren’t all Martha Stewart). The last thing you need is a smelly trashcan when guests go to toss something (even if it’s gum before the meal). Trust me, if you’re hosting, at least one person will use your trash– and that goes for the main trash and bathroom trash! Give your trash can a good rinse, air dry it, then either place a sachet under the liner, use a scented trashbag, or sprinkle in some baking soda to absorb the odor. Make sure your trash is empty (or close to it) when guests arrive and you shouldn’t have any issues!

Front Porch

It’s fall, and during the fall, you’re going to get some fall leaves. At a minimum, when you clean before guests arrive, you’ll want to sweep the porch free of debris. Not only does it make your house look prettier at a glance (because trust me, we all have that relative who will judge), it cuts down on what guests are tracking into your house, helping you beat some of that post-holiday cleanup before it starts.

Keurig or Coffeemaker

Is anything better than some coffee or cider after dinner? Well, coffee or cider from a clean Keurig, for one. When you use a Keurig, even if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and brew an empty cup after each cup of coffee or cocoa. Check the coffeemaker section for special cleaners for your Keurig or Coffeemaker to keep them nice and cared for, or follow the manufacturer’s instructions (google your machine if you don’t know how to properly clean it) and get it spruced up so every cup on Thanksgiving tastes like the first cup.

Tupperware Cabinet

This is more for your own sanity and less for your guests seeing anything… but if you’re having leftovers, or think you might have some, check your tupperware cabinet in advance. Try pairing lids with containers and make sure you have matches in a variety of sizes. If yours are worn, broken, or missing, toss the old and get some new ones before the holiday– it’ll be a wise investment through Christmas and beyond. Planning on sending some leftovers home with your guests? Investing in some take-and-toss style tupperware is a nice touch. This way, if you get it back, great, but if you don’t, you didn’t send them home with your good stuff.


This is particularly important if you happen to host a pot-luck style dinner, but even if you’re hosting a dinner where you plan to cook it all, something is bound to need reheating. Even if you keep a clean microwave, it never hurts to give it a good wipe down before your guests arrive.

Master bathroom (or another secondary bathroom)

I know, in a perfect world, you clean one bathroom and everyone uses that one and you can tuck clutter safely away in the other one, but it isn’t a perfect world. Someone is guaranteed to need to use the bathroom while someone else is, and you’re going to end up sending someone to a secondary bathroom. Save the embarrassment and clean up a second bathroom for guests to use. Oh, and don’t forget to clean out that medicine cabinet, too!


Did I miss any places you should definitely clean before you have guests arrive? Let me know in the comments below!

DIY String Art


Don't pay $24.99 at Target for String Art! Make it yourself with a few nails, some embroidery floss, and a corkboard! #diy #easy

I was walking through Target the other day, and, as much as I love the fact that there’s a million things inside I just have to have, there’s definitely a limit. You see, not long ago, I was looking for some new wall art. I came across some adorable animal string art at Target, and I was totally smitten! Then I saw the price tag. $24.99. Really? To me, I was looking at $25 for some nails, a bit of string, and some wood. I had to try it myself at home!

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A Look At Our Renovation Progress

Can you believe we’re almost a month into our apartment renovation? We took an old place, tore the guts out, and are rebuilding the insides from scratch to bring us a brand. new. apartment!

It seems like the renovations have gone so fast, especially since the first week took place while I was on vacation in Dauphin Island. That means when I came home, I came home to this progress:

Check out how great it looks! Natural light, open floorplan… this photo was taken in the kitchen looking into the living room side. The old building wasn’t quite up to code in the studs, which is part of why we had to tear it all out and restart– this way, we’d have an up-to-code space with some outlets all the way through (not a lot of outlets in the old building, either).

For the next several days, a lot of work went on behind the scenes– installing cable lines, working on electricity, and the plumbing– OH the plumbing! As they cut into the existing floors to find the plumbing, they found THIS:

Yes. That IS a boulder. Or rather, part of a car-sized boulder living under our place. Are you serious?! A CAR-SIZED boulder under our ground? Apparently, this sort of thing is only found in about 1% of jobs. Of course, this one was ours.

After the plumbing and our CRAZY boulder tale, we finally got started with more visible progress.

Week three started with insulation, which I liked, because it meant that week three could end with….

SHEETROCK! (This photo is a prime example as to why I shouldn’t photograph it at night– totally lost my natural light. Oh, well!)

Can you believe that progress?

Over the weekend, we picked out paint colors. I love the brights we chose to really add some POP to the place! I won’t tell you what colors are for what rooms quite yet, but I will let you know that I chose them so they’d all work together within the space.

Want a little hint, though? Check out my pinterest board, Apartment Life, with tons of great inspiration about decor! Follow it here:

Keep following and I’ll keep posting more photos of my progress! Don’t forget to follow my personal instagram– @jengerbread88– to see the latest updates and more personal photos from my life!