DIY No-Sew Felt Tacos for Imaginary Play

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If you or your kids love Dragons Love Tacos, or it's sequel, you'll love these fun taco felt food ideas! DIY No-Sew Felt Tacos are perfect for mixing and matching, and they're perfect for play kitchens. If your child loves imaginative play, make these for a fraction of the cost of buying them from big name companies... and make exactly the taco flavor you'll want for your playroom. Perfect for kids who love to play cooking, and great for future chefs.

Psssst… let me clue you in on a secret. Dragons. Love. TACOS. Seriously, if you want to hang out with a dragon, you should probably have some tacos for the party. Maybe even a BOATLOAD of tacos. It’s something that Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri explore in their book, Dragons Love Tacos, and then they explore the complete lack of tacos on earth in the sequel, appropriately titled Dragons Love Tacos 2: The Sequel. When reading aloud to my kiddo, it helps his comprehension to have something to play with while we read. The kiddo and I have bought felt foods in the past, but I’ve found out just how easy it is to make DIY no-sew felt tacos at home (and, like the name implies, you totally don’t have to be a master crafter or great at sewing to make these).

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Activities for the Book “Very Last First Time”

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What was your Very Last First Time? We all experience important “lasts.” Our last first day of school, our last first time going to the dentist, and more. In the book, the main character experiences her very last first time doing something alone-- going and collecting mussels off of the sea bed. Whether you are rowing the book or just enjoying reading it with your kids, here are some extension activities for the book Very Last First Time. | Five in a Row | FIAR | Homeschooling | Unit Study | Hands-On Learning | Play to Learn | Kindergarten | Arctic Homeschooling Activities | Tundry Homeschooling Activities | Books to Go Along With Very Last First Time |

We all have Very Last First Times in our lives. A very last first day of school, a very last first time doing the monkey bars all by yourself, a very last first thing that you’re doing all on your own. For the main character in Very Last First Time, it is the very last first time she’ll ever walk on the seabed by herself. After that very last first time, she will have already done it before. It won’t be a first time anymore.

The book Very Last First Time is so packed with things you can explore and learn: amazing information about Inuit culture, how mussels are gathered, and what an arctic tundra is like. It’s also packed with information about family relationships. It discusses how to handle fear and important situations. Of course, it is also about growing up and tackling new milestones. Maybe you’re enjoying the book with your child for fun. Or, perhaps you’re rowing it as a part of your Five in a Row curriculum. You might even be tackling the book as part of a unit study. Regardless, there are plenty of fun Very Last First Time activities to do with this book!

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Chocolate Cranberry Braid (and the Science of Cranberry Sauce!)

Cranberry braids are really easy to make, and so delicious when you make homemade cranberry sauce, too! Plus, learn the science behind cranberry sauce and how to make it at home! It's part science experiment for kids and part delicious thanksgiving recipe!

I love cranberries. Something about that fall flavor just tastes awesome. That said, they can be pretty stinkin’ tart when you just taste one. The kiddo found out the hard way because when we cook together, he insists on tasting every single ingredient. It got me thinking about the science behind cranberries and a way we could learn by experimenting while we cook!

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DIY No-Sew Cow Masks

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Having a play date? These fun cow masks made out of felt are perfect for play dates, imaginary play, or just a fun afternoon craft with your little one... plus, they're no-sew and super easy to make! #HorizonLunch [ad]

When it comes to imaginary play, you can never get enough of it. My son’s favorite forms of this kind of play are the times when he gets to be an animal…. So, I love to give him opportunities to make costumes for these fun personalities he’s developed when he acts out his animal characters’ ideas. This cow mask is super simple, no-sew, and a perfect craft to make at play dates and more.They also cost less than 50 cents to make, making them the perfect craft to do together!

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Backyard Obstacle Course– Using ONLY Chalk!

Getting kids to play outside is a must-- only 31% of kids play outside today, compared to the 70% of moms who played outside during their childhood. Get them moving with this outdoor obstacle course-- all you need is a piece of chalk! #CLIFKid [ad]

Hey, mom… remember playing outside as a kid? Hours spent enjoying the grass or the swingset or making crowns out of flowers or playing at the park… it’s crazy how many memories I have of outdoor play. That’s because as kids, most of us played outside– 70% of us did, actually. Compare that to today, when only 31% of kids are spending any kind of significant time outside at all. Busy schedules, cuts in recess time, and just all-around love for all things electronic could be to blame, but it could be that we just aren’t focused on outdoor play like we used to be. Today, I’ve got the absolute easiest way to get kids moving outside with an obstacle course– all you need is a piece of chalk!

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Backyard Splatter Painting

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Kids bored this summer? Let them be kids with this awesome messy play activity! This splatter painting uses water balloons, medicine droppers, squirt guns, and more to create a unique piece of abstract art your kids will love creating. Don't worry-- kids and clothes are both washable! #allEssentials

“I’m bored.” Come on, it’s almost summer… you know you’re going to hear it at least once or twice or a million times. That’s why now is a great time to start arming yourself with ideas to keep the kids busy this summer! One of my favorite ways to keep kids active, busy, and having SO much fun they forget to be bored is through some good old fashioned messy play! That’s why this backyard splatter painting is tons of fun to create– and it’s super easy, too.

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Eggheads Roll a Face Game for Easter!

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Want to keep the kids entertained while you cook Easter dinner? Here's a great way to do it-- this eggheads roll a face game is a super fun Easter game that kids will love! Perfect Easter Boredom Buster or great Easter hostess gift for any hostess with kids. #PAASEaster [ad]

The best thing about Easter Dinner? Totally Easter Dinner– who can resist all of the amazing food on the table at Easter time? The worst part, though? Kids getting bored while you’re preparing it. It’s just a fact of life that kids are going to get bored while you’re preparing easter dinner, and when they’re not bored, well, they tend to get underfoot and make glazing ham and making scalloped potatoes a little bit more difficult.

But I have the perfect game that will keep everyone entertained, and to make it a little bit sweeter, I’m including a free printable for this fun Easter game to get you started. This roll-a-face dice game using the Eggheads kit from PAAS Easter egg is so easy to play that even young kids will have a blast, and this Easter game is sure to be a part of your Easter traditions for years to come.

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Dino Dig Sensory Box

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Looking for a fun sensory box for your future palentologist? This dino dig sensory box is perfect for all ages and stages! With

It seems like every child goes through a dinosaur phase. The growling, the roaring, the stomping fun that comes with dinosaurs is one of the most fun phases to watch. As a child, I remember watching dinosaur movies again and again, and now my son is the same way. This dino dig sensory box is the perfect way to tap into that dinosaur obsession!

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How to Set a Resolution You’ll Actually Keep!

Hello, Resolutions! With the New Year upon us, here's the secret to setting resolutions that you'll actually keep... and here's the secret: Stop setting resolutions and start setting tangible goals! Get tips on setting a goal and resolution you'll keep!

This year, I’m quitting resolutions altogether. I know that’s an odd statement to make in the very beginning of a post all about making resolutions you’ll keep, but stick with me here… the best way to set resolutions you’ll actually keep is to STOP MAKING RESOLUTIONS. That doesn’t mean not to resolve to do anything… but it means changing your mindset and your tactics so you can experience resolution success.

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DIY Inside Out Memory Spheres

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Learn to discuss tough emotions-- like anger, sadness, and fear-- with your children. These DIY memory spheres from the Inside Out movie are a craft that gets kids talking! #InsideOutEmotions #ad

Emotions are tough. Seriously, they can be really hard to navigate, especially when you’re young and don’t always have the words to share how you’re feeling. But then, Inside Out showed up and gave kids examples of what those emotion words felt like. Plus, it was a super adorable movie– cute enough that we decided to see it like 4 times in theatres! So as soon as I found out it was available at Walmart, we ran to the store right away to pick up our copy.

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