Cowboy Egg Rolls

Black beans, corn, tomatoes, cream cheese... these cowboy egg rolls are so easy to make, and make the perfect appetizer for tailgating parties and for the big game! | Super Bowl Appetizer | Easy Appetizer | Vegetarian Appetizer |

I am a sucker for a good egg roll. Snack, lunch, tailgating party, it doesn’t matter. I really, really love egg rolls. I’m also a big fan of cream cheese and black beans, which is why I just had to make my own twist on egg rolls for this year’s tailgating parties. That’s how cowboy egg rolls came to be… they’re filled with the tastiest ingredients, and they’re oh-so-simple to make.

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20-minutes-to-dinner Stromboli (3 Different Ways!)

This stromboli takes minutes to make-- just roll out refrigerated dough, top it, fold it, and bake. With only 20 minutes until dinner, you'll have a quick and easy sandwich meal, baked to perfection, and topped however your family likes it best. Here are three ideas to get you started, but the possibilities for this stromboli are endless! Ham and swiss, turkey bacon cheddar, and pizza-style with pepperoni and canadian bacon!

Like most busy moms, I love a quick and easy dinner recipe. I’m all about finding shortcuts in the kitchen that allow me to prep a dinner quickly and serve my family in a short amount of time before we have to run off to the next practice, game, or activity. While we try really hard not to over-schedule, a busy family with work, school, and play means that easy meals are a complete blessing. So, when I stumbled upon a recipe for a super simple stromboli that takes about 20 minutes in a recent issue of Taste of Home’s Simple and Delicious magazine, I knew I had to try it at home… with a twist or two of my own. Now, after repeating the recipe with my family and tweaking it each time, we’ve found 3 super simple strombolis that we love to eat on busy weeknights.

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MARVELous Superhero Lunch Ideas

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MARVELSnackBar #CollectiveBias

Looking for the perfect Superhero lunch for your child, like a HULK lunch, a Captain America lunch, and a Spiderman lunch? These awesome lunchbox ideas are perfect for big and little kids alike, and really pack a fruit and veggie punch! Switch up your bento routine with these super lunches! #MARVELSnackBar #ad

I’ve been a MARVEL fan for as long as I can remember. Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow… I love them all. And as MARVEL fever has hit just about everyone, it has only made my passion for the characters and powerful themes even stronger. And, because I know it can be SO hard to think of great lunches now that it’s time for back-to-school, I came up with a few fun MARVEL themed lunch ideas that will help keep your rotation of delicious lunches fun and exciting for your children. I started by picking 3 superheroes I really love– the Hulk, Captain America, and Spiderman.

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Barbecue Chicken Skewers with Creamy Ranch Dip

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BackYourSnack #CollectiveBias

This snack hack is perfect for party entertaining or for upgrading your afterschool snack for your teen. These easy barbecue chicken skewers with a creamy ranch dip take only minutes to make and have so much flavor-- your teens will love it! It's the perfect back-to-school snack. Plus, the creamy ranch is so versatile that you can use it for tons of different treats! #BackYourSnack #Ad

I cannot believe Jeffrey is starting high school this year. While he’s still homeschooled, many of his friends, and our exchange student, are in public school, which means when school lets out around 3:00, our house becomes the social hub as all of his friends come over. It means we need snacks, LOTS of snacks, to satisfy the insatiable study group we have around our house these days. Luckily, I’ve come up with a foolproof snack that everyone loves. And, if you’ve got a Snack Hack using FarmRich and Walmart Fresh items, you could actually win $10,000, so keep reading and share YOUR back-to-school Snack Hack. Mine snack hack? Delicious barbecue chicken skewers with creamy ranch dip. With only 4 ingredients plus some herbs and spices you probably have on hand, it’s the perfect recipe for snack time.

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Bangin’ Hot Buffalo Chicken

This buffalo chicken will be a hit with any family-- you'll never believe what's in the marinade! It's SO worth it, but trust me, it's hot hot hot. If you want a great chicken recipe for dinner, this is the one for you-- cut it up and serve it over tacos, rice, or by itself.

I LOVE spicy food. I just love it. Buffalo chicken is a great way to serve chicken, but I’ve just never been able to make it at home. Until now, that is. This buffalo chicken is so delicious, and the marinade so versatile that you could use it to coat storebought popcorn chicken, too. But these buffalo chicken breasts? They’re where it’s at– I love them by themselves, or cut up over rice, pasta, or in tacos. There’s just something spicy about them, and I’m so glad I found this recipe in my family recipe box to share with all of you. My grandfather must have known what he was doing to serve this super-spicy Buffalo Chicken!

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Easy Cheesy (Dinner in 8 Minutes) Biscuit Pizzas

These easy cheesy mini pizzas take minutes to make, and have ingredients you probably already have in your refrigerator! That makes them the perfect candidate for an easy weeknight dinner or lunch plan! And kids love these pizzas so much!

Ugh. It was nearly 5:30, and I had forgotten to lay anything out for dinner. Again. It seems like in the summer, this happens more and more often as busy schedules take over, and Zach needed to eat before baseball practice. I asked what he wanted, and he said “Pizza!” Pizza? Usually that takes me all day because the crust has to rise from morning. How were we going to have pizza in time for practice? Easy. With biscuit dough.

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