5 Tips for having the BEST Family Movie Night

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Family movie nights are a great way to bring the whole family together, but you can make them way more fun than just popping in a DVD, without a ton of extra money or time spent on your movie night. This is how we make family movie night AWESOME! (Our favorite tip? Letting everyone pick their own personal snack mix before the movie starts!) Plus, we share how YOU can get a free VUDU credit every month with your Walmart Family Mobile account. #YourTaxCash [ad]

Y’all know that I absolutely love Walmart Family Mobile. Just a couple of weeks ago, I shared all about how I invested in a smartphone for my business with Walmart Family Mobile, so I could keep rocking my business on the go, but that phone plan came with some extra perks that we are loving, like a VUDU credit every month! We decided that the movie credit makes for the perfect work break, which is why we’ve been staying intentional about family movie nights! I’ve figured out 5 foolproof tips for having the best movie night ever.

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Why My Son and I Play PokemonGo

Love it or hate it, there's a lot of great reasons to get your kids interested in playing PokemonGo! From exercise to family bonding, here are the reasons my son and I play this cell phone app video game together.

Love it or hate it, there are so many reasons to start playing PokemonGo with your kids. I was a skeptic at first, thinking it was just another timewaster of an app, but after playing with my son a few times, it became clear that it was a must-have app for us to enjoy together!

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End Of Summer Road Trips from Kansas City

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Summer may be almost over, but there's still plenty of time to sneak in a little last-minute road trip. If you're from the Kansas City area, there are a ton of nearby options for places to travel, so you can sneak in that family bonding time before back to school hits. #RoadTripOil [ad]

I cannot even handle the fact that we’re over halfway through summer. I mean, I looked at the calendar, and we have like… 3 weeks left of the pool being open for the year. As much as I’m looking forward to my fall favorites returning in just a few short weeks, I also know that I want to squeeze out every last drop of summer I can. It’s about this time of year every year that I itch to take a little road trip, a short end-of-summer vacation, a last hurrah before the fall returns and we remember that school is just around the corner… and when you’re from the Kansas City area, you’re incredibly blessed with tons of nearby places that are really awesome to visit, without having to go too horribly far for a last-minute road trip. That means it’s not too late to visit them now… just hop in the car and enjoy!

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Dino Dig Popcorn Mix

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Want to shake up your movie night snack? This dino dig popcorn made with @popsecret is a hit for any kids' movie, but it's especially perfect when watching dinosaur favorites like the Land Before Time! Or, make this awesome popcorn mix for your next dinosaur party! Also-- check out the post for a great dinosaur print craft! #Pop4LandB4time #Pmedia #ad | dinosaur | dinosaur DIY | dinosaur food | kid-friendly snack |

It’s no secret… we’re big dinosaur fans around here! When we’re on the go, I have dinosaur toys in my bag to keep my kiddo entertained. But the real secret? I’m a big fan of dinosaurs, too. Growing up, I loved watching movies like The Land Before Time, and I remember in second grade when we got to pick a dinosaur to make a wire sculpture of (I picked a pterodactyl, by the way, which my son will remind me is not a dinosaur, but is actually a pterosaur). There’s just something so special about being able to share the love of Dinos with my little guy, meaning I’m always looking for a new, fun dinosaur craft or recipe to make with him!

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Eggheads Roll a Face Game for Easter!

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Want to keep the kids entertained while you cook Easter dinner? Here's a great way to do it-- this eggheads roll a face game is a super fun Easter game that kids will love! Perfect Easter Boredom Buster or great Easter hostess gift for any hostess with kids. #PAASEaster [ad]

The best thing about Easter Dinner? Totally Easter Dinner– who can resist all of the amazing food on the table at Easter time? The worst part, though? Kids getting bored while you’re preparing it. It’s just a fact of life that kids are going to get bored while you’re preparing easter dinner, and when they’re not bored, well, they tend to get underfoot and make glazing ham and making scalloped potatoes a little bit more difficult.

But I have the perfect game that will keep everyone entertained, and to make it a little bit sweeter, I’m including a free printable for this fun Easter game to get you started. This roll-a-face dice game using the Eggheads kit from PAAS Easter egg is so easy to play that even young kids will have a blast, and this Easter game is sure to be a part of your Easter traditions for years to come.

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Dino Dig Sensory Box

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Looking for a fun sensory box for your future palentologist? This dino dig sensory box is perfect for all ages and stages! With

It seems like every child goes through a dinosaur phase. The growling, the roaring, the stomping fun that comes with dinosaurs is one of the most fun phases to watch. As a child, I remember watching dinosaur movies again and again, and now my son is the same way. This dino dig sensory box is the perfect way to tap into that dinosaur obsession!

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Easy DIY Pinata Surprise Eggs

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Looking for something new to try this Easter? These pinata DIY surprise eggs are a hit! They're fun to make and make great surprise favors, too. Perfect for your Easter gathering, and kids will love this Easter-themed boredom buster for sure! They're perfect for kids who are OBSESSED with Surprise Eggs on Youtube!

Surprise eggs. Oh, surprise eggs. My son has watched them again. And again. And again. And again. Until I think my head might explode. Seriously, I think if I hear one more surprise egg video, my brains will turn to mush. But here’s the deal: he totally loves them. So instead of just watching the videos on Youtube again, I decided to take a turn at DIYing some Pinata Surprise Eggs just for him, so he could experience the surprise egg magic for himself!

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8 Ways to Rock Your Next Vacation (With Your Smartphone!)

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Going on a spring break trip or family vacation? If you're taking a road trip, you definitely want to check out these travel hacks and special uses for your smartphone that will bring your family together on your next road trip... when you've been in a car together for WAY too long, you'll wish you had checked this post out! #DataAndAMovie [ad]

Spring break season is almost upon us… I can’t believe I’m saying that, but now that January’s over, it’s officially time to start planning those spring break trips. And while you’re planning, you definitely need to make sure your smartphone has a great data plan, because I’ve got eight smartphone travel tips for your next road trip that will bring your family together on the road, and make your life a whole lot easier.

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5 Ways to Break Phone Addiction and Be a More Responsive Parent

Do you have a New Year's Resolution to stop staring at your phone so much? Or maybe you just want to break the cycle of cell phone addiction and see the world around you. This post has tips on 5 ways to help break phone addiction and help you interact with your kids more. | parenting | self care | self help | phone addiction | internet addiction |

I was checking my emails. The phone had just buzzed, and I switched from Instagram over to my Gmail to check an email from a work contact. It seemed innocent enough. And then I heard my son say “Mom. Look. Please look.” What started as a momentary distraction to post a cute photo of him turned into a much longer journey through posting the photo, crafting a perfect caption, adding hashtags, liking friends’ recent photos, and then switching over to read emails. It wasn’t intentional– I wasn’t trying to give up attention to focus on my phone. But I had unintentionally stopped watching my son’s craft project because I had stopped to post “just one photo” and gotten lost in my phone again.

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Minions BananaBerry Dump Cake (With BananaBerry “Ice Cream”)

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Do you love Minions? Those adorable little creatures now have their own movie, and these bananaberry dump cakes are perfect for banana lovers AND minions alike! Plus, with free printable minion goggles for decorating the cake jars, these are party-ready in no time! (Also, check out this great 2-ingredient banana berry

Bee-do-bee-do-bee-do… In case you didn’t know it yet, your favorite yellow little creatures are coming out on DVD tomorrow, and I know we’ve already pre-ordered the Minions movie. That meant making the perfect dessert for our Minions watch party, and trust me, you’re going to love this one. Take a break from holiday stress and make these delightful minion mini cakes for your family to enjoy during the movie!

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