Chocolate Banana Smoothie Bowl under 375 Calories (Plus More Breakfast Ideas for Your Busy Morning)

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Struggling to fit breakfast into a busy morning? This chocolate banana smoothie bowl takes seconds to make, is packed with nutrients and great flavor, and will fuel you through your hectic morning. Plus, it's under 375 calories! Get this, and other great breakfast ideas. #CarnationSweepstakes #BetterBreakfast [ad]

Breakfast. It’s arguably the busiest meal of the day. I haven’t been shy in sharing about my struggle to get a daily breakfast in, and while I’ve found some solutions to keep me going, I like to shake up the breakfast routine sometimes. I’ve been loving smoothies, but I have to admit that sometimes I drink them so fast, that I feel like I missed breakfast altogether, and I don’t always feel satisfied. Then, when I started hearing a little bit about Smoothie Bowls on Instagram, I started to wonder what the big deal was… I mean, it was just a smoothie poured into a bowl, right? Well, kind of. It’s a smoothie in a bowl, sure, but it’s topped with delicious things– like nuts, fruits, seeds, and more– that are totally spoonable, elevating your morning smoothie to something of beauty, but also of great flavor.

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8 Ways to Rock Your Next Vacation (With Your Smartphone!)

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Going on a spring break trip or family vacation? If you're taking a road trip, you definitely want to check out these travel hacks and special uses for your smartphone that will bring your family together on your next road trip... when you've been in a car together for WAY too long, you'll wish you had checked this post out! #DataAndAMovie [ad]

Spring break season is almost upon us… I can’t believe I’m saying that, but now that January’s over, it’s officially time to start planning those spring break trips. And while you’re planning, you definitely need to make sure your smartphone has a great data plan, because I’ve got eight road trip tips using your smartphone that will bring your family together on the road, and make your life a whole lot easier.

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Moms Can’t Get Sick!

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As a mom, it’s important that I stay TotallyIn, and focus on immune health so I can stay at my best. Today’s post is sponsored by Zicam® Total Immune. All opinions are my own.

 Moms Can't Get Sick! Seriously-- we don't have the time for it. Today, I talk about a recent time when I was under the weather, and how I avoid that by staying TotallyIn. [AD]

I could feel the tickle forming in the back of my throat. There was nothing I could do to stop it– I knew I was going to be under the weather for a day or two. I thought through the schedule. Dance practice, soccer practice, volunteering at my son’s preschool, fixing dinners, work commitments. I didn’t have time for a cold!

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20-minutes-to-dinner Stromboli (3 Different Ways!)

This stromboli takes minutes to make-- just roll out refrigerated dough, top it, fold it, and bake. With only 20 minutes until dinner, you'll have a quick and easy sandwich meal, baked to perfection, and topped however your family likes it best. Here are three ideas to get you started, but the possibilities for this stromboli are endless! Ham and swiss, turkey bacon cheddar, and pizza-style with pepperoni and canadian bacon!

Like most busy moms, I love a quick and easy dinner recipe. I’m all about finding shortcuts in the kitchen that allow me to prep a dinner quickly and serve my family in a short amount of time before we have to run off to the next practice, game, or activity. While we try really hard not to over-schedule, a busy family with work, school, and play means that easy meals are a complete blessing. So, when I stumbled upon a recipe for a super simple stromboli that takes about 20 minutes in a recent issue of Taste of Home’s Simple and Delicious magazine, I knew I had to try it at home… with a twist or two of my own. Now, after repeating the recipe with my family and tweaking it each time, we’ve found 3 super simple strombolis that we love to eat on busy weeknights.

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Reduced-Sugar Sweet Cornbread

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This reduced-sugar cornbread is the perfect companion to your favorite chili recipe, and it tastes just like the kind your grandmother used to make! The lower sugar content is great for meeting resolutions and meal planning goals.

I love a good cornbread recipe with my chili. Especially if it’s a cornbread that the entire family can enjoy, including my dad, who has to watch his sugar intake. Unfortunately, sweet cornbread without the sweet is just kind of… well, blah. It doesn’t suit the chili right, which is why I set out on a mission to make an awesome reduced-sugar sweet cornbread, which would work really well in moderation to allow us all to enjoy that cornbread flavor we know and love.

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Hearty Bacon Chili– with a twist!

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Hoping to have a #SweetNewYear? You'll love this hearty bacon chili and cornbread that are packed with protein, plus have less sugar, so you're able to meet your goals while still feeling full. Plus, it takes minutes to make, making this the perfect weeknight meal for your family. #Truvia [ad]

January is such a confusing time of year. On the one hand, you really, really want to reach those New Year’s Resolutions you set and were determined to stick to, and on the other hand, it’s snowy and it’s cold and you just want a warm cup of something nice and hearty. Luckily, it isn’t either/or– I’ve got the perfect, protein-packed chili recipe that’s packed with flavor while still being a great balance of food groups. The best part? This hearty bacon chili is really simple to make, making it the perfect thing to throw together before practice on a chilly winter weeknight.

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No-Bake Skittles Push Pops in YOUR Team’s Colors!

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You can make Super Bowl 50 even sweeter with these fun Skittles push pops that have tons of fruit flavor, while still matching YOUR team's colors. Don't just leave it to the Super Bowl, either-- these are party perfect for any gathering, and since they're no-bake, they take minutes to assemble. Or, for a rich chocolate caramel sensation, try the Snickers or Twix push pops, which are also no bake! #MakeSB50Sweeter [ad]

Can you believe the Super Bowl is almost here? We’ve been watching football a bit more here in Kansas City, since the Chiefs made the playoffs for the first time in my life! While my team is no longer playing in Super Bowl 50, I’m still looking forward to a very sweet Super Bowl. And what watch party would be complete without awesome desserts? Well, none… that’s why I’ve got these super-simple no-bake push pops using Skittles! And the best part is, you can customize them to YOUR favorite team’s colors in a snap!

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5 Steps to Having the BEST Morning Ever!

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I am NOT a morning person, but I'm quickly becoming one by following these rules that help make my mornings a little bit better. Are you struggling with mornings, or having those mad mama moments because mornings never go your way? These tips will make mornings easier, so you can have a better day.  You'll love these free printables that help you have a better morning, too.  #StartWithJifPowder #ad

Ugh. Mornings. Am I right? I’ve never, ever been a morning person– as a child, my mom would wake me up again and again just to get me up for school because no alarm made mornings easier. As a mom myself, I no longer have the luxury of staying in bed as long as humanly possible, because I have another human to actually get up, get dressed, and get on with the day with… and that sometimes leads to a very, very grumpy mama. But I’ve found a few tricks, like eating breakfast made with Jif Peanut Powder, that help me have a flawless morning… or at least a slightly less rocky one… making every morning my best morning ever.

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3 Pizza Dipping Sauces to Upgrade Your Big Game Party!

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Here are 3 great pizza dips that will make your big game party even better! Don't settle for delicious pizza when you can have INCREDIBLE delicious pizza with this trio of dipping sauces-- sriracha marinara, honey alfredo, and homemade ranch dip that pair perfectly with Pizza and other snacks to make the big game even better. #TeamPizza [ad]

Can you believe how close we are to the big game this year? I mean, it’s been a pretty exciting year, and as it approaches, it’s time to start planning the menu… and I have a great idea for you. If you’re permanently busy (like I know most of us are), these simple recipes that are semi-homemade are going to be right up your alley. We all know that Red Baron pizza has crust perfection in every bite, but these dips are bringing next-level kind of game to your party! With little effort, you’ll have a spicy sriracha marinara, a sweet-and-savory honey alfredo, and a classic ranch for dipping your pizza in, plus I’ve got a suggestion to make serving it a SNAP!

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Chicken Divine

Looking for a down-home chicken recipe that the whole family will love? This cheesy chicken broccoli lives up to it's name-- Chicken Divine. It's truly divine, and is delicious served over rice or pasta. It's a great weeknight dinner that doesn't require a ton of effort.

I love when a recipe truly lives up to it’s name. Divine…. that’s a lot to live up to, a name like “Chicken Divine.” But I have to tell you, between the melty cheese sauce, the tender chicken, and the perfect pieces of broccoli, this is truly a divine dish. I also love when I can try out a recipe that’s been in the family for awhile. Now, this recipe didn’t originate with our family… my grandfather was given the recipe by a client (he was a hairdresser), who passed it along to him after she’d tried the recipe with much success in her own home. It wasn’t unusual for clients to pass along recipes they’d loved to my grandparents. That made this the first time I’d ever tried making this truly divine chicken for myself, but certainly not the last.

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