Fresh Strawberry-Peach Pie

This strawberry peach pie is so heavenly... it's perfect for springtime! If you need a potluck dessert or the perfect spring pie, you'll love this-- fresh strawberries marry beautiful juicy peaches inside of a flaky crust, with just the right hint of sugar. You'll make this pie recipe again and again!

Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite recipes come from my box of recipes that my grandfather left to me. With everything from main courses to desserts, every time I pry through the box, I’m greeted by glimpses of the flavors my great grandmothers so carefully placed on recipe cards, the foods my grandparents enjoyed growing up. So when I stumble upon a perfect recipe from my great grandmothers, I just have to make it. This is one of those recipes I couldn’t resist for springtime– a perfect strawberry-peach pie! Just the name of it made my mouth water… and the taste? Oh, it’s heavenly.

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Blended Strawberry Mock-aritas and Hot & Spicy Cheese Dip for Cinco de Mayo!

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Wanting to celebrate a delicious Cinco de Mayo with friends and family? You'll love this delicious strawberry mock-arita... it's just like your favorite restaurant margarita, without any alcohol! Strawberry and lime abound, and they're delicious. It makes for the perfect drink recipe for summer. #DelimexFiesta #Ad

Green chiles and hot sauce add a little kick to this cheesy delight! You'll love this dip for your next fiesta, whether it's Cinco de Mayo or anytime! It's creamy, cheesy, and served hot, which makes it SO good for any time! #DelimexFiesta #Ad

I’m coming at you today with not one, but TWO recipes that will be perfect for your Cinco de Mayo fiesta! You’ll love these recipes for sharing with friends, or even enjoying yourself after a long day. The first is a perfect blended strawberry mock-arita (it’s alcohol free, so even your littlest sippers can enjoy some this summer!) and the second is a hot and spicy cheese dip that will be the hit of the party, whether you’re dipping chips or the Delimex Taquitos and Rolled Tacos that pair perfectly with it!

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Writing Letters to Your Children, Part Three: The Prompts

So you'd like to write letters to your children as the perfect wedding gift, graduation gift, or just to instill a little wisdom in them.... but you don't know where to start! Here are 70 prompts to get you started on writing to your kids! They also make great journaling prompts!

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been sharing some ideas on writing letters to your children for a future date. The first week, we discussed why it was important to share these stories with your children. Last week, we talked about the best ways to write these stories and store them so they wouldn’t get lost or damaged over time. Today, I want to give you some ideas and prompts for what you can write about– it’s easy to say that you will or want to write letters to your child, and choosing a format is pretty easy, too, but it’s a lot harder to come up with ideas when you do sit down to write. Here are some prompts to get you started.

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How to Tackle the Laundry Pile (And Get Your Kids to Help!)

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Laundry stinks... sometimes literally! But tackling the laundry pile isn't impossible. Even the youngest of kids can help with laundry-related chores, because there's an age-appropriate task for almost anyone! So read this post, gather the family, and conquer the laundry pile, once and for all!    | household tip | cleaning | laundry hack | #longlastingscent #ad

Laundry stinks. Sometimes literally. I’m not kidding, laundry is my least favorite chore. I don’t mind washing so much, but the remembering to move clothes from the washer to the dryer, the act of folding and sorting and turning everything right-side out drives me bonkers. And don’t even get me started on putting it away– I’d live out of a laundry basket if I could! But the laundry pile? It has to go, and with a little help from your kids, it won’t even take that long! Who says mom should have to do all of the laundry? It’s time to tackle the laundry pile, and get your kids involved in lightening the load, so you can all have a great break afterwards.

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Writing Letters to Your Children, Part Two: How to Organize Them

Writing letters to your children can be a great gift to them when they're older-- at graduation, or on their wedding day. But what do you do once you've written the letters? How do you get started and how do you store them? Here are some ideas.

Last week on the blog, I shared my heart in terms of why it’s important to write letters to your children for them to read when they get older. Writing letters helps you leave a lasting legacy to your children and tell them stories that you want to preserve– don’t wait until it’s too late to share these stories. This week, I want to give you some ideas of how to prepare your letters for your children.

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How to Make Sponge Cake from ANY Cake Mix!

You actually CAN make a sponge cake from any cake mix-- just like the light airy sponge cakes that you get at bakeries! This is the moistest, most air- and lightness- filled cake that you've ever seen... and it's from a mix! You'll show your friends you're a baking pro when you serve this delicate cake at your next dinner party! It's the best dessert recipe!

You know what I love? That perfect, light, airy sponge that you can get from so many bakeries. You know what I hate? Trying to duplicate that at home– it never seems light enough, airy enough, sponge-y enough. But those times are behind us, my friend… because you can take your standard boxed cake mix and create a delicious, moist, light, sponge cake at home. That’s right, I’m going to show you how to make sponge cake from cake mix, and it doesn’t really take any longer than just baking it by package directions. I’m serious.

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Tropical Mango Coconut Cookie Bars

Do you love mango? What about coconut? These cookie bars are so easy, and so addictive, that you'll have trouble sharing them! With a cookie crust and a creamy, fruity topping, your friends will never believe these are semi-homemade! They're party perfect for spring and summer!  | spring recipe | summer recipe | easy dessert recipe |

I love mangos. Seriously, whenever I see one that looks perfectly ripe at the grocery store, I just have to buy it. There is just something about that smell, that flavor, and that incredible texture when you slice open a mango. It just tastes like spring and summer to me! So when I saw Pillsbury release Tropical Mango cookie mix and frosting mix, I definitely had to put my own semi-homemade twist on it.

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Why My Toddler’s Mantra Is the Perfect Answer to Anything

Recently, my sweet 3 year old developed a saying. At first glance, the saying is completely benign, even grammatically incorrect, but when you dig a little deeper, you realize that this mantra gives meaning to almost anything, and makes life a little bit more worth living.

You see, for the past year and a half, every knee scrape, every bad dream, would be met with the response from me, “Oh, Zach, it’s going to be okay, it will be fine, mommy is right here.” And Zach? Well, he’s taken it to a new level of meaning. Now, my son, in almost-Rastafarian form, replies to nearly everything with three simple words:

It Be Fine.

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Writing Letters to Your Children, Part One: Why You Should Do It

Should you be writing letters to your children? Letters make an amazing keepsake for your children, and allow them a special connection, even after you've passed. They're also a great way to convey information to your children. Here are some reasons why you should write to your kids.

As parents, it’s so essential to us to impart as much wisdom as possible into our children’s lives while we have them. It seems like, as kids grow so fast, in a blink it’s gone, and they’ve grown up. It means there’s only a short amount of time that we can give them the wisdom we’ve learned through the years (and hoping desperately that they follow our advice, despite knowing that all of us have to make some mistakes ourselves in order to learn). Writing letters to your children is the perfect way to share that wisdom with them for years to come, even after they leave the nest.

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Our ASTC Journey: Visiting the Discovery Center of Springfield

If you're traveling with kids, a membership to an ASTC affiliated children's museum is a great idea-- admission transfers to over 300 museums world-wide, including the Discovery Center of Springfield in Springfield, Missouri. This great museum has some wonderful hands-on activities for kids, making it the perfect field trip or summer activity. Here's an overview of some of the exciting exhibits!

Awhile ago, I mentioned Zach and I’s plan to use our Union Station membership, which is part of the ASTC Passport program, to visit other ASTC-affiliated museums. We recently had the opportunity to visit the Discovery Center of Springfield in Springfield, Missouri, which had some incredible hands-on exhibits for children. The entire four-story museum is filled with great activities for kids to enjoy, and we couldn’t wait to share our trip with you!

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