16 Bible Verses About Giving Money and Time

All verses are from the New Living Translation unless otherwise stated.

Go beyond the 10%... if you're tithing, here are some verses you MUST read about giving your time and money (and how to give the right way!)

We’ve all heard verses like 2 Corinthians 9:6, which says “Remember this—a farmer who plants only a few seeds will get a small crop. But the one who plants generously will get a generous crop,” but have you thought about what it means to give generously? It may actually not be about the dollar signs, but instead about your heart in giving. We sometimes get caught up in tithing begrudgingly, but what does God really say about giving? Here are some verses that will help you as you give this year.

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XTreme Bugs and New Additions to Union Station’s Science City!

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If you're in the Kansas City area (or even if you aren't), you don't want to miss these exhibits. XTreme Bugs runs through April, and the new Science City exhibits are great permanent additions to the facility! Read what's new, then stop by and visit.

After our trip to Science City last fall, I knew that it was important for us to keep going back. Zach had such a good time, and continued talking about our trip so much, that buying an annual membership was the only option for us– we just knew it was something we’d use. The bright side is that the membership also gets discounted admission to special exhibits, including one very, very exciting exhibit– XTreme Bugs!

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14 (More) Valentine’s Books for Kids

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Searching for the perfect book for your child this Valentine's day? Look no further- this book has 14 top picks, ranging from toddler to tween, and working for boys AND girls!

It’s no secret I love books. I especially love to give my son new books for every holiday I can. Those seasonal endcaps at stores during each holiday season? It’s impossible for me to resist putting one of everything in my basket when it comes to the book aisle. But, after a few seasons of obsessive book purchasing, I’ve narrowed down some more of my top picks so you can choose the perfect Valentine’s Day books for your child!

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Managing Car Care (When Your Toddler Won’t Cooperate) with Pennzoil

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You want your car to be safe when you have kids, but when do you have time for the maintenance like oil changes? It's surprisingly easy, you just have to #DropShopandOil. #ad

Having a toddler is not at all what I expected. While I do truly savor every minute of it, I also cannot figure out how to squeeze in things like breakfast, or shaving my legs, or, y’know, oil changes, on a regular basis. At the same time, as a mom, I’m not satisfied with my car maintenance not being taken care of when it should– an unsafe car is NOT an option when you have a child riding along. Short of hiring a sitter so I could get an oil change, I was really clueless about what to do…

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Cranberry Pecan Tea Cake Bars featuring Bigelow Tea and Truvia Natural Sweetener

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Looking for the best treat to pair with Bigelow tea? Try this tea cake, which is easy to make, sweetened with no-calorie Truvia natural sweetener, and doesn't taste "diet" at all. It's delicious and filled with flavor-- perfect for breakfast or afternoon tea time. #SweetWarmUp #ad


It’s no secret that I’m quite the coffee addict. And with coffee comes a very strong-handed pour of flavored creamer, which, you know, has all kinds of sugar… and calories… and other fun stuff that is far from healthy OR natural. As I’ve worked really hard to lose some of the weight I put on over the past couple of years, I realized I had to make some changes. That meant cutting back on coffee (it’s just too hard to drink it without the flavored creamer) and cutting back on my sugar intake, too. That’s where Bigelow Tea and Truvia zero-calorie natural sweetener come in. And what’s tea time without a delicious, low-sugar treat? That’s where this delicious cranberry pecan tea cake come in! Made with Bigelow Tea and Truvia natural sweetener, you’ll not even believe me when I say it’s low-sugar, because it doesn’t taste like it!

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Frosty Popcorn Crunch for National Popcorn Day!

Have the winter blues? This frosty popcorn crunch is so delicious and party ready! With marshmallow "snowballs" and silver pearls, you'll love this Frozen-inspired popcorn treat that is perfect for movie night or sleepovers.

Zach and I absolutely love to have movie nights sometimes before bedtime. We’ll curl up under covers and pop in a flick we love, make popcorn, and cuddle while we enjoy the show. And, like every other family with kids, we’ve been watching Frozen. A lot. Like maybe a little too much. I thought our Frozen movie nights deserved an equally frosty treat, which is why I came up with this Frozen-inspired frosty popcorn crunch that’s easy to make and really peps up popcorn for movie night. Because Monday is national popcorn day, there’s even more of a reason to enjoy this wintery popcorn treat!

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6 Totally Free Ways to Learn Something New This Year

Do you have a resolution to learn something new this year? Here are some free ways to learn guitar, how to cook, a new language, and more!

It is always great to learn something new or try your hand at a new skill. But learning can be expensive– it seems like every book, class, and lesson costs a ton of money! It’s just not always practical to learn everything we’d like, but there’s a LOT of ways you can learn something new for free! Harness the power of the internet, and check out these 6 things you can learn for free online.

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28 Awesome Soup Recipes to Step Up Your Winter Comfort Food Game!

Looking for a great soup recipe? Here are 28 amazing soups that make the PERFECT comfort food! These recipes are delicious, exciting, and perfect for any diet-- this list has weight watchers recipes, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, whole 30, dairy free, and more!

Oh soup… the perfect, most amazing comfort food. I am a huge fan of soup recipes, because it’s the perfect, warming food! I love soup SO much, I even have it for Christmas dinner. But seriously, sometimes I get in a soup rut, and I’m itching for some new recipes. And, with the help of some awesome bloggers from around the web, we’re going to get you out of a soup rut, too! (And hey, regardless of your dietary needs, there’s something in here for you– I’ve got meaty soups, vegan soups, Weight-Watchers friendly soups, dairy-free soups, gluten-free soups… so keep reading!)

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Homemade Chicken and Dumplings

Chicken and dumplings are so delicious and so easy to make-- you won't want to miss this classic recipe. If you're looking for comfort food, this really is a big hit, and makes plenty for leftovers, too! So get out the chicken, grab some flour, and make this hearty classic your family will beg for.

I love a good, hearty meal in the winter, and when it’s cold outside, only one thing hits the spot… chicken and dumplings. And you’d think it’s difficult, but it’s really not. Grab a pot and start a slow, simmering broth and by dinner time, you’ll have a delicious, hearty dinner, the perfect comfort food on a cold day.

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Your January Must-Do List

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Don't miss out on these must-do activities this January! You can beat the winter chill and still get some exciting things accomplished as the new year begins. | bucket list | important to-do ideas | january guide | winter ideas |

Last month, I was flipping through the magazine that never fails to get my creative juices flowing, and stumbled upon Vern Yip’s list of must-do things for the month. I couldn’t resist devouring it, making a list of the million and one things I wanted to do in January, and realizing a few that Vern happened to be missing… Gasp! So, I decided to write my very own January must-do list and share it with you!

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