Bacon Wrapped Cheeseburger Dogs

These bacon wrapped cheeseburger dogs are a MUST at your summer cookout-- they're easy to make ahead and then customize with a variety of toppings. If you're grilling, you MUST try this! It's cheeseburger heaven!

You’re going to want to sit down for this one.

Melted cheese. Bacon. Beef. It’s got all of the main food groups. And because you can make these Bacon Wrapped Cheeseburger Dogs ahead of time, they’re kind of a must for the 4th of July.

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Easy Cheesy (Dinner in 8 Minutes) Biscuit Pizzas

These easy cheesy mini pizzas take minutes to make, and have ingredients you probably already have in your refrigerator! That makes them the perfect candidate for an easy weeknight dinner or lunch plan! And kids love these pizzas so much!

Ugh. It was nearly 5:30, and I had forgotten to lay anything out for dinner. Again. It seems like in the summer, this happens more and more often as busy schedules take over, and Zach needed to eat before baseball practice. I asked what he wanted, and he said “Pizza!” Pizza? Usually that takes me all day because the crust has to rise from morning. How were we going to have pizza in time for practice? Easy. With biscuit dough.

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Weekend DIY: Table and Chairs Makeover!

Looking for a quick renovation to totally upgrade your style? Check out this weekend DIY that was achieved with spray paint! It's like a whole new table!   | DIY Furniture Renovation | Table Makeover |

Sometimes, a little magic happens when you go to renovate. Take this table and chairs, for instance. A gift from friends several years ago when I got my first apartment, the table had been well-loved for years. It had been perfect for my apartment, but as my tastes and styles changed, I realized the table needed to change, too. I had purchased some spray paint for the project, and I had fabric I planned to use, but I wasn’t like… in love with it. It was more of a reflection of my tastes and a thought on what might look good. But then, fate intervened.

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Must-Have Annual Memberships for Kansas City Families!

Looking for the perfect gift or great summer activity for your family? If you live in or near Kansas City, here is the run-down of what memberships to get (and which ones to skip!) so you can spend your money wisely, and save by getting an annual pass!


This winter, I had what many of my friends referred to as my “grinch year.” I was up to my eyeballs in too many toys, and I put a ban on the entire family– NO. TOYS. PERIOD. I was not going to let another toy come into my house when we were overloaded even after getting rid of a bunch. Instead, I encouraged my family to consider ideas that might be more long-lasting and educational, but still fun (like subscription boxes or annual memberships). I also put my money where my mouth was and got my son an annual pass to SeaLife Aquarium, the Legoland Discovery Center, and to Union Station, 3 places we visited last fall and loved.

And this summer? I’m so thankful for my grinch year, because the memberships we have now are perfect for our summer fun, and we’ve been getting tons of use out of each. So, now that my son and I are well-versed in what memberships are worth it in the KC area (and which you might want to skip).

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Beach Bag Mom Essentials!

Packing your beach bag for summer fun? Don't forget to pack these essentials when you head to the beach on your summer travels! Vacation time is hectic and it's easy to forget-- but this list will help you out!           #Sponsored #CleverGirls #OREOMultipack

Summer vacation is always a ton of fun, but for moms, it can be a ton of stress. It seems like before we go anywhere– the museum, the beach, the park– we have to make sure we’ve got everything for all of the kids. I’ve been prone to forget things again and again, so I’ve now got a tried-and-true list for what must go in my beach bag every time!

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An Open Letter to the Dads of my Son’s Baseball Team

When you live in a community, it's great when one family or person looks out for others that live in community with them. Taking others under your wing is a great way to foster community-- read this mom's open letter to the dads who took her son under their wing during baseball.

To the dads of the kids on my son’s baseball team:

As the season winds down to a close, I realize there are some important things I didn’t know how to say to you in person. I just want to take a few minutes to say thank you.

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Texas Style Potatoes

Want the perfect potato recipe with only 5 ingredients? You'll love this side dish-- Texas Style Potatoes that can be customized to your taste! If you like shredded hashbrown potatoes, crunchy topping, and sour cream, you'll love this loaded potato recipe.

I LOVE potato recipes. And, from what my pageviews suggest, you guys sure love them, too. After all, you have told me again and again how you love Mississippi Mud Potatoes, a recipe I shared from my family’s recipe box that has been pinned over 100,000 times. But if you’re bored of Mississippi Mud Potatoes, I’ve got another recipe for you that’s also only a few ingredients– and equally delicious. These will make the PERFECT side for Christmas, Thanksgiving, summer cookouts, or even just a weeknight meal because they are so easy and so delicious.

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How to Get Your Car (And Family!) Road Trip Ready!

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Are you road trip ready? It's more than just packing a few snacks-- it's total car re-organization! Don't miss these must-have checklist items to be sure your car AND your family have everything they need for a safe and fun road trip, whether you're traveling 3 hours or 18 hours!    | travel | traveling with kids | #FuelTheLove | #Ad

Every year, we take several summer trips– some are close (an hour to the Kansas City), and some are far (18 hours to our favorite island destination). All of these require a little bit of planning to make sure our car, and the kids, will get there without breaking down or totally losing it on each other. After a few summers, I think we’ve got this down to an art, so I wanted to share my best road trip tips with you so you will be totally ready for your summer vacation!

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5 Ways to Show Love to Your Kids (Without Just Saying “I Love You”)

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As parents, many of us tell our kids "I love you," quite a lot. But how can we show our kids that we love them? Here are five ways-- I guarantee at least one of these ways will help your child feel loved and respected! Do you want to show your child love? Don't miss this list!

As parents, most of us tell our kids “I love you” on a pretty regular basis. At night, Zach and I have an “I love you” “I love you more” “I love you most” back and forth before he falls asleep. It’s just part of life that many of us are great at telling our kids we love them. But are we showing them that we love them? Based on the principles of Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages, I’ve come up with a list of ways that you can show your child love. You won’t want to miss these!

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Strawberry Banana Dessert Egg Rolls

Want to use up extra strawberries? Just love a chocolate banana treat for dessert? This dessert twist on your favorite Chinese Takeout treat will definitely hit the spot! Strawberry Banana Dessert Egg rolls have just a hint of chocolate that make them perfect for dessert time!

In college, my friend Drew and I used to do this fun thing where we’d travel to a local town and spend the day exploring. We’d start off with appetizers at one restaurant, continue with lunch at another, and finish with dessert at yet another, strolling through antique stores, record shops, bookstores, and little foreign marketplaces. One restaurant had a dessert that definitely always hit the spot– a small Asian place that served banana egg rolls. They’d wrap bits of banana in fried pastry with nuts, and they’d drizzle caramel on top, serving it with ice cream. It was so mouthwatering! But honestly? I thought it was missing one thing… fresh strawberries!

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