Backyard Splatter Painting

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Kids bored this summer? Let them be kids with this awesome messy play activity! This splatter painting uses water balloons, medicine droppers, squirt guns, and more to create a unique piece of abstract art your kids will love creating. Don't worry-- kids and clothes are both washable! #allEssentials

“I’m bored.” Come on, it’s almost summer… you know you’re going to hear it at least once or twice or a million times. That’s why now is a great time to start arming yourself with ideas to keep the kids busy this summer! One of my favorite ways to keep kids active, busy, and having SO much fun they forget to be bored is through some good old fashioned messy play! That’s why this backyard splatter painting is tons of fun to create– and it’s super easy, too.

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How to Clean Your Kitchen in 20 Minutes or Less!

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Here's a spring cleaning life hack for you-- how to clean your kitchen in under 20 minutes, top to bottom, start to finish. Yes, even the dishes. #SpringIntoClean [ad]

We’ve all gotten the phone call… “Hey, I’m in the neighborhood… mind if I stop by for a chat?” Or the dreaded “Hey! Mom! Can my friends come hang out in a little bit?” only to find out that by “in a little bit,” they mean about 10 minutes… if you’re like me, you’ve looked around your kitchen and had a mild heart attack… how did it even get like this? There’s no way it’ll be clean before people arrive… take a deep breath, mama. You’re going to get this place into shape FAST.

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Things to do with your Tax Return

Your tax return has arrived! Now what? Here are some ideas of things to do with your Tax Return that can set you on the right path for a great year ahead.

It’s Tax Return time! If you’re like me, you’re anxiously awaiting or hopefully have already received that nice little deposit or check… but now what do you do with it? It can be super easy to just blink and the money be gone, so instead, make a plan of what to do to make that money last, or at least go to something really awesome! Here are some ways you can use that tax return…

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Crock Pot Beef Street Tacos

These crock pot street tacos are so simple to make-- just load up the crock pot, cook, and serve! These tacos have peppers, beef, beans, and all of the important

I love tacos. Tacos are pretty much amazing every day of the week, not just Taco Tuesdays. I haven’t met a taco that I don’t like– beef tacos, chicken tacos, Asian fusion tacos, soft shelled or hard shelled tacos, any kinds of tacos… they’re all delicious. But I’ve discovered a super easy way to make tacos that are ready when you get home. Crock Pot Street Tacos! These are super easy and so delicious that the whole family will love them!

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“Quick Change” Baby Car Bag

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From overwhelming spit up to realizing you didn't re-stock the diapers in your diaper bag, having an emergency bag in your car for quick changes is essential! This baby car bag is perfect for new moms, with everything she might need at a moment's notice! #SnugDryUltra [ad]

I remember it like it was yesterday… I was pushing the cart through Walmart, smiling at my sweet baby boy, when it happened. He puked. All over him, all over me, all over everywhere. While I often brought a change of clothes for him in the diaper bag (just in case!), I didn’t happen to bring any change of clothes for me. It meant that while he was nice and clean, I wash pushing the cart through the rest of Walmart with a lovely splatter all over my shirt. Yuck.

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Online Safety For Teens

Keeping our teens safe online is becoming harder and harder as more apps and technology become available. Here are a few tips to help keep your kids safe online!   | Online Safety | Safety for Teens | Internet Safety |

The Internet can be an amazing place at times– endless pages of content and information, music and videos, books and movies, stories coming together and people crossing paths. But it can also have a very dark side to it… it’s a dark side that I’ve experienced firsthand, but also witnessed far too many teens going down the same path. Even when I was a younger teen, and even though the internet was a relatively new thing at the time (as in, we were still on dial-up), I managed to have some close calls that could have ended really badly. Luckily, I had parents who kept a watchful eye over my online behavior and were quick to stop these issues in their tracks. You can help your teens experience better online safety– here are a few ways to keep your kids safe online.

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Eggheads Roll a Face Game for Easter!

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Want to keep the kids entertained while you cook Easter dinner? Here's a great way to do it-- this eggheads roll a face game is a super fun Easter game that kids will love! Perfect Easter Boredom Buster!

Kids get bored while you’re preparing Easter dinner. It’s just a fact of life– and when they’re not bored, well, they tend to get underfoot and make glazing ham and making scalloped potatoes. But I have the perfect game that will keep EVERYONE entertained, and to make it sweeter, I’m including a free printable for this fun Easter game. It’s a roll-a-face dice game using Eggheads from PAAS Easter Eggs, and it’s SO easy to play that even young kids will have a blast getting in on the fun!

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Dye-lightful Tie Dye Party!

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When it comes to parties, this one is tons of fun, regardless of guests' age! This tie dye party is great as a play date for little ones, a sleepover for older kids and tweens, and everything in between! With tie dye food, tie dye crafts, and tie dye favors, it's the perfect plan for a tie day party that's totally dye-lightful!

Is there anything better than a good party? Sleepovers are one of the best parts of growing up, and even for younger kids, a day party is just a great way to enjoy an afternoon with friends. Whether you’re setting up an afternoon play date, or doing the full shebang of a sleepover, you’ve got everything you need right here for a dye-lightful tie dye party!

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Dino Dig Sensory Box

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Looking for a fun sensory box for your future palentologist? This dino dig sensory box is perfect for all ages and stages! With

It seems like every child goes through a dinosaur phase. The growling, the roaring, the stomping fun that comes with dinosaurs is one of the most fun phases to watch. As a child, I remember watching dinosaur movies again and again, and now my son is the same way. This dino dig sensory box is the perfect way to tap into that dinosaur obsession!

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Walking Taco Bar for College Basketball Watch Parties!

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When college basketball games roll around, you want to make sure you're having the best college basketball party you can! This walking taco bar is party perfect, and allows everyone to customize their food to their individual tastes! Make sure you're ready for game time AND meal time this basketball season. #GameForBasketball [ad]

College basketball playoffs are upon us, and you’ve probably already been filling out your bracket. I know I have a few ideas about who I think will win it all… but when it comes to college basketball season, I also know it’s time for plenty of watch parties as you cheer on your team. Luckily, I’ve got a walking taco bar that will feed everyone, without a ton of effort, plus some tips to make your watch party the one that guests will be talking about for years to come!

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