Overnight Oats Mini Pies

These overnight oats mini pies are perfect for breakfast OR dessert-- in pumpkin spice and white chocolate raspberry. These are just like your typical overnight oats, but they're in pie form, and super delicious! If you need a great weekday breakfast recipe, this is the one!

Are you always on the lookout for an easy breakfast? So am I… that’s why these overnight oats pies are such a treat. They’re so easy to make (you just prep them the night before!) and they taste great in seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice and white chocolate cranberry! They’ll only take you about 5 minutes to toss them together at night, and about 2 minutes to finish up in the morning. It’s totally no-fuss, and that’s the best!

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10 Christmas Gifts for Kids (That Aren’t More Toys!)

Stuck on a great Christmas gift for your child? Don't want to bring even more toys into the house this year? Here are 10 Christmas gifts for kids that aren't toys! If you're looking for a unique idea, this is the list you want to check out!

Last Christmas, as I loaded up some of the toys my son was no longer playing with to get rid of, I finally stepped on the LEGO that broke the camel’s back… With toys tucked in every corner, I simply couldn’t take adding another one to the house at Christmas time. Zach has a tendency to get toys throughout the year, of course, and our over-stuffed toy bins were clear indicators that he wasn’t exactly hurting for toys. So, I made a decision: No. More. Toys. We weren’t getting rid of the toys he loved, and we certainly weren’t eliminating toys from the house, but instead, my entire family agreed that we would make a conscious effort to purchase a little more creatively for Christmas, and that meant not buying any new toys.

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Inside Out Emotions Cupcakes (That Your Kids Can Make!)

These Inside Out cupcakes are so easy to make that kids of any age can do it! Using store-bought ingredients, it's perfect for little ones to make these treats inspired by Joy, Anger, Sadness, Disgust, Fear, and even Bing Bong from the Inside Out Movie!

We are still having a blast with Inside Out here, and since my son is a huge fan of being in the kitchen, we decided to make some awesome Inside Out Emotions cupcakes together! It’s so simple to do that almost any age can make Inside Out cupcakes of their very own, inspired by your favorite characters, like Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, Fear, and even Bing Bong!

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Bing Bong Blasters: Cotton Candy Mocktails

Do you love Inside Out? These Bing Bong Blasters are inspired by the beloved Imaginary Friend, and are made with cotton candy, just like Bing Bong! Check out these awesome cotton candy mocktails that are perfect for any age.

Who’s your friend that likes to play? Who’s rocket makes you yell hooray?

BING BONG! I have to tell you, Bing Bong is one of my absolute favorite characters from Inside Out. He’s just so witty, and I won’t give any spoilers, but he clearly loves Riley and wants her to be okay, too. And that’s why I had to create a perfect mocktail that is great for sipping while you watch the movie, or for enjoying at Inside Out birthday parties, or really, anytime you need a special treat. Plus, since Bing Bong is part cotton candy, it has a nice portion of that in it, too!

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DIY Inside Out Memory Spheres

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #InsideOutEmotions #CollectiveBias

Learn to discuss tough emotions-- like anger, sadness, and fear-- with your children. These DIY memory spheres from the Inside Out movie are a craft that gets kids talking! #InsideOutEmotions #ad

Emotions are tough. Seriously, they can be really hard to navigate, especially when you’re young and don’t always have the words to share how you’re feeling. But then, Inside Out showed up and gave kids examples of what those emotion words felt like. Plus, it was a super adorable movie– cute enough that we decided to see it like 4 times in theatres! So as soon as I found out it was available at Walmart, we ran to the store right away to pick up our copy.

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How to Create a Winter Preparedness Box for Home or School

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Winter is upon us, and with all the

Winter really hasn’t even started yet, and already, the kiddo and I have had to take a little time off of work and school because we weren’t feeling our best. It seems like anytime you’re at school, work, or even home, when winter hits, it seems like it’s the season to feel a little more… under the weather. Sometimes it’s all of the warm air circulating inside closed windows that just keeps the germs in, and sometimes it’s the number of hugs you’re exchanging at those family holiday parties, but because of all of that, it helps to have a plan to keep you at your best, and to help you bounce back fast when you aren’t. That’s why I’m all for a winter preparedness kit that will help keep things going this winter!

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How a Highway Turkey United My Hometown

Have you ever seen something little bring your whole town together for good? In my hometown, it was a turkey.... a simple turkey that led to a massive change in the way our town cooperated and worked together, and that brought together people from around the country, too.

It all started with a turkey. Just a simple, wild turkey who loved to hang out by the side of the highway just north of my hometown. He was there for about a year before someone made that first post in a community group for ladies in my town… “Hey, has anyone else seen that turkey on the highway?”

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Restaurant-Style Chicken and Gnocchi Soup

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #RecipeTwist #CollectiveBiasHello, easy weeknight dinner! This simple chicken and gnocchi soup tastes just like the one at your favorite popular Italian restaurant, and it's super easy to make at home, whether you're serving it alone or as a starter for your favorite pasta! It's creamy, and it's a perfect chicken soup on any cold night! #RecipeTwist #ad

Just about every week now, we’ve been making it a priority to get out of the house for something other than school, work, and church. That means we’ve been enjoying a lot more meals at a nearby Italian chain. And the best part? I’ve gotten hooked on this delicious Chicken and Gnocchi soup. I’ve become such a fan that I had to figure out how to make it myself! You know what? It’s SUPER easy to make at home, and you’ll love this flavor, whether you’re serving it on it’s own or making it as a starter for your favorite pasta dish.

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How to Host a Brunch (Without Ruining Your Meal Plan)

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Yes, you CAN host a holiday celebration without blowing your meal plan. Seriously. It's the season of eating, but that doesn't mean we have to miss out if we're on a diet. This is the perfect way to throw a *lighter* brunch for all of your family and friends during the holiday season! #SmarterTreats #ad

The other day on Facebook, I was talking to a friend about how it seems that we used to only worry about summer bikini bodies. But now, summer bikini bodies start early so we can be ready for our kids’ spring break in March, stay fit all the way through summer, keep a lean body for Halloween costumes (which are mostly skin-tight, even for moms), and then of course, trying to still look good on Valentine’s Day. It becomes a never-ending cycle, and gone are the days about slacking off on a healthy lifestyle during the Holiday Season, or Season of Eating… luckily, you can still celebrate without giving up on your eating goals, because some of the best party food will fit perfectly in your meal plan… seriously! There is such a thing as a brunch that doesn’t break the Points Bank…

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Thanksgiving Gift Mugs with Mexican Hot Chocolate OREO Cookie Balls

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These OREO cookie balls are the perfect gift for Thanksgiving. Whether you're using them as a hostess gift or a placecard at your Thanksgiving dinner, dressing up a mug and filling it with hot cocoa and Mexican Hot Chocolate inspired OREO cookie balls is the perfect way to celebrate! #OREOCookieBalls #ad

Thanksgiving is coming up so quickly… I can’t even believe that it’s already November. With Halloween over and all things fall in the air, it’s time to get ready for the next big holiday! These Mexican Hot Chocolate OREO Cookie Balls are the perfect treat to enjoy at your Thanksgiving celebration, but they also make the perfect hostess gift or even a place card at your holiday dinner… seriously!

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