Soothing Your Sick Child During Cold and Flu Season

It is NO fun having a sick kiddo during cold and flu season. These great remedies will get them feeling better fast!


Cold and Flu Season is in full swing… my kiddo has already had his fair share of sick days this year, and it’s just miserable. That said, I have a few tried-and-true cold and flu season tips that will help your child feel a little more comfortable during their illness.

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Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Rein-Sticks… or Easy Reindeer Rain Stick Craft for Kids!

Need a Christmas craft to keep kids busy? Try these reindeer-themed rain sticks! They're the perfect DIY for kids, take very little assistance from mom, and get their start in toilet paper rolls (and other supplies you probably have around the house!)

Ah, Christmas break. It’s upon us, isn’t it? And that means finding ways to keep the kids busy (and out of the gift stash) until Christmas. It’s the perfect time to bring out the DIY supplies, though, and get crafting! This fun craft serves a dual purpose, though– kids can DIY these rain sticks, then use them as musical instruments to calm down, or to sing fun carols as a family.

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FBCookieSwap: Crazy-Easy Holiday Biscotti

This cookie mix biscotti is SO easy-- you'll be able to make a whole variety for Christmas in just minutes.

A couple of weeks ago, I gave you a little sneak peek at my biscotti and promised it was coming soon… so I hope you’re ready, because here it is! I recently signed up for the Food Blogger Cookie Swap, which is basically like this really fun cookie exchange with awesome bakers from across the country. Since I needed cookies that would mail well, I decided to experiment with some Biscotti. And here’s the great news– this biscotti? It’s crazy easy.

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This House Needs a Mouse: Review and an Activity!

Disclosure: I received a copy of This House Needs a Mouse for review. All opinions are my own.

Check out this fun activity for This House Needs a Mouse! If you like the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, you'll like this new mouse-themed book, and there's a fun activity that promotes fine motor skills to go with it!

I’m a sucker for a good children’s book. So when I heard the synopsis of This House Needs a Mouse by C. Jeffrey Nunnally, I didn’t expect it to be quite like it turned out. I expected a story about a mouse, and, yes, I got that for sure. What I didn’t realize was that the book was about family, and that’s a topic I can definitely get behind.

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Bacon Cheeseburger Dip

This bacon cheeseburger dip is easy and cheesy, perfect slow cooker recipe for a party! Plus, who doesn't love a good bacon recipe? | crock pot | cheese | easy party recipe |

As dip week comes to a close soon, I’ve saved my best for last, guys. Really– this is a hearty, delicious dip that could almost be considered a meal instead of just an appetizer. I challenge you to find anyone who doesn’t love a bacon cheeseburger (and finding a vegan doesn’t count!) There’s just something about it– the bacon, the ooey-gooey cheese, the juicy beef patty. But bacon cheeseburgers are just not easy party food… however, a bacon cheeseburger DIP, now, that’s another story.

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Tiramisu Dip

Need a crave-worthy dip for your next party? Want all of the elegance but none of the work? This easy tiramisu dip takes minutes to prepare and packs all of the flavor of tiramisu with none of the effort. It's the perfect party food!

I love tiramisu. It’s delicious. It just tastes fancy. There’s something about that blend of coffee and cream and everything delicious that makes my mouth water.

But it’s also kind of a pain in the butt to make. All of those layers! Don’t worry, though– you can totally serve the best tiramisu ever, without really serving tiramisu. With this easy tiramisu dip, you’ll give your guests (or yourself!) all of the flavor without any of the work that actual tiramisu requires.

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Raspberry Black Bean Dip

Looking for a fusion of spicy and sweet? Try this Raspberry Black Bean Dip! It's the perfect marriage of flavors between sweet and spicy! It's creamy and delicious-- perfect for Christmas, New Years, or the Super Bowl. It's quick to throw together, then bake! It's that easy!

Looking for an easy dip that will be a stunner? Want to make sure no one else will have the same dip as you do? This Raspberry Black Bean Dip is spicy and sweet, and it’s a perfect fit for any party, but it’s so simple that no one will believe the minimal effort!

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Southwest Corn Dip

This southwestern corn dip is delicious and easy-- only 4 ingredients and a few minutes to make! It's perfect for those last-minute party invitations!

Christmas… New Year… The Super Bowl… it seems like for the next three months, everyone is going to be slammed with parties, get-togethers, and other activities that require sustenance. After all of the slaving away in the kitchen (or the last minute invites), you may need a go-to dip that takes minutes to make. But that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice taste. This southwest corn dip fits the bill of easy AND delicious.

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How To Mail Christmas Cookies (Without Using Packing Peanuts)

Ever try to send cookies to a friend and they arrived all yucky and smushed? Christmas cookies can be a pain to ship, but there's no reason not to send them-- these tricks will get you packing cookies like a pro in time for the holidays! | cookie idea | christmas idea | care package for college | shipping and mail | holiday idea |

We’ve all been there. It’s Christmas time, and we want to send cookies to a friend, but there’s always that fear that they’ll get there crushed. And you don’t want that– picture perfect cookies are so much better! So how do you ship a cookie without fancy supplies like bubble wrap or packing peanuts? Well, there are a few great ways to do it!

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Easy Powdered Peppermint Mocha Mix

Looking for a peppermint mocha at home? This easy mix featuring Andes is so delicious-- just like your favorite Starbucks peppermint mocha! Not a coffee fan? No problem-- this drink can be made coffee-free (or even peppermint-free if you want a classic cocoa mix!)  | winter recipe | winter ideas | christmas recipe | christmas ideas | beverage | hot cocoa |

Is anything better than a hot peppermint mocha at your favorite coffeeshop? Well, one thing I think is better is a hot peppermint mocha at home, especially one that takes almost no effort to make.

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