Melted Ghost Chocolate Bark

Looking for a Halloween treat that is certain to make even the youngest guests giggle? These melted ghosts are delicious and easy to make-- plus, they're only 3 ingredients! They have a great sweet and salty flavor and will be a hit at your Halloween party, or are great just to enjoy as a snack at home. BOO!

Okay, so, I’m a huge fan of those little candy eyes that you can find in stores at Halloween. Is it just me, or do they make everything a little more adorable? There are so many great ways to use them, but I think I’ve just discovered my favorite– this melted ghost chocolate bark! It is SO easy to make that it will seriously take you only a couple of minutes of prep, and the whole family will love how adorable these spooky melted ghosts look! Plus, with these, you’ll be the hit of the Halloween party!

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Top Fall Activities Across the USA and Canada!

Looking for a fun fall activity to do? No matter where you live in the US or Canada, there's something for you! Check out these great ideas for fall fun around the country. What's your favorite? #Fall4SoFab

So you remember a couple of weeks ago when I shared my favorite fall activities in Kansas City? Well, it’s finally starting to really feel like fall here, and my son and I are tackling quite a few of the activities on my list of favorites. But, I recognize that not everyone is from the Kansas City area (as cool as Kansas City is, of course…), so today, I’m back with a list of, well… lists… from the Social Fabric community, which I’m so happy to be a part of. Each list contains some great things to do in specific parts of the USA and Canada, (and heck, even some stuff to do if you’re in the UK!), so wherever you’re hailing from, you’ll find something fun to do with your family.

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How to Save Money and Time on Your Bathroom Makeover!

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Doing a major bathroom makeover but want to save time and money on your bathroom renovation? How about a fresh coat of paint to update your bathroom without the high price tag of new fixtures? Here's how to change the look of your bathroom for less. #CraftedExperience #Ad

A few months ago, my mom decided to change her guest bathroom completely. Keep in mind, this is my mom, who banished white walls from the house years ago, replacing everything with plenty of color. When she decided to do an updated black-and-white bathroom with white walls, we were all pretty stunned, but it didn’t take long to start transforming the bathroom with some white paint and a new shower curtain. However, that’s where the transformation ended… and it was time to finish the process, but the budget was just starting to run low with a million other home updates on the list (like a new patio and new shed). Luckily, we were able to complete the look of the bathroom by spending less than $20 more, and in less than 2 hours. Yes, really.

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Being the Hands and Feet: 7 MORE Ways Kids Can Serve Others

It's so important to teach kids to serve others. Does your child have a servant's heart? Are they the Hands and Feet to their friends, neighbors, and family? Here are 7 ways to can teach your children to serve. If you loved 7 Ways for your Children to Serve Others, you'll love 7 more ideas for helping your children serve others!

Giving hugs. Preparing meals. Praying. There are so many ways that kids can serve on their own, or with the help of their parents. We all know it’s important to raise our children to serve others, to be the hands and feet of Jesus. But is that easier said than done? Last year, I shared 7 Ways that Kids Could Serve Others, but today, I want to share 7 more ways that kids can serve others.

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Spooky Ghost Cake Balls

Looking for the perfect treat for your Halloween party? These spooky ghosts will take the cake! Ghost cake balls are covered in fondant, and you don't have to be an expert cake pop dipper to have the cutest ghosts at your Halloween party. Luckily, they're easy to make, and they're perfect for kids and adults alike because they're not-too-scary but totally sweet!

Can you believe Halloween is almost here? We’re only about a month out, which means it’s time to solidify those Halloween party plans… and that means adorable desserts and spooky treats! These Spooky Ghost Cake Balls fit the bill. They’re easy to make, even if you’re the worst cake pop dipper ever (like me) and they can be customized in any flavor you’d like. Plus, these not-too-scary ghosts taste great and are perfect for everyone, from kids to adults.

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Easy Fall Mantel Decor (Even if You Don’t Have a Mantel!)

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Looking for the perfect fall decor ideas? See inspiring fall mantels on pinterest but don't know how to recreate them at home? Here are some tips-- even if you don't have a mantel of your own! This uses floating shelves, but you can use these tips for any mantel or shelving this fall! #LoveAmericanHome #ad

Okay, so I have to admit, I’ve had a lot of Pinterest Envy (Pinvy???) when it comes to mantel decorating. It seems like everyone has this gorgeous mantel that they update with the seasons, and I had just about had it. I was about ready to just quit Pinterest so I could stop feeling so desperate for a mantel space when I realized… hey! I have shelving that I could decorate just as easily! So, whether you have a mantel or not, I want to give you a few tips on the best fall decorating ideas for that space– from back to school to Halloween to Thanksgiving, I’ve got an idea that will transition throughout the fall, without a lot of crazy effort.

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Monster Mash Pudding Shots

Looking for a last minute Halloween Party treat that doesn't require any cooking at all? Try this delicious Monster Mash pudding shot-- it's perfect for Halloween and doesn't take much effort at all to impress! Perfect for entertaining when life is way too busy to cook.

You know what’s great? An impressive dessert that wows pretty much everyone at your party… without any cooking at all. That’s what’s so perfect about these Monster Mash Pudding Shots… they’re so pretty, so spooky, and perfect for your Halloween party, without any actual effort. I promise– if you can use a spoon, you can make these awesome treats for your Halloween bash!

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Pulled Pork Bacon Bombs with Farmland

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These Pulled Pork Bacon Bombs are the perfect tailgating recipe for any Chiefs fan or for any tailgate party. They're a delicious appetizer, and the red and gold suits any Kansas City Chiefs themed party! Plus, these bacon bombs are stuffed with pulled pork, then wrapped in Farmland bacon for all of your barbecue needs. AD FarmlandBaconClub

Can you believe it’s football season already? Now, I’ve been sharing some of my favorite tailgating recipes this fall, and trust me, this one is one you’ll want to add to the line up. When you’re cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs (or any of the other teams out there, but who’s paying attention to those, anyway? Ha!), you’ll love these Sweet Stuffed Pepper Bacon Bombs, but I also want to share a few of my favorite tailgating recipes from the Farmland Bacon Club, and tell you all about a really awesome sweepstakes from Farmland and the KC Chiefs that I know you’ll want to enter!

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Top 10 Kansas City Fall Activities (For Families)

Looking for something awesome to do this fall in Kansas City? Here's the full list of the top 10 best things to do in Kansas City during the fall if you have a family or children! These are all family friendly and oh-so-fun, so start tackling your Fall Bucket List now!

It is no secret that I absolutely love Kansas City. Everything about living here is so great– it seems like the best of all worlds with it’s small town feel and big city thrill, the fantastic weather (we are so lucky to experience all four seasons, including this beautiful fall weather that we’ve already gotten a taste of this year)… just everything. So whether you’re from here, or you’re just visiting this fall, there is plenty to do if you have a family– from animals to pumpkins and everything in between, this list has you covered with all of the coolest things to do in KC this fall– both on specific weekends and all autumn long. It’s your ultimate Kansas City Fall Bucket List!

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MARVELous Superhero Lunch Ideas

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Looking for the perfect Superhero lunch for your child, like a HULK lunch, a Captain America lunch, and a Spiderman lunch? These awesome lunchbox ideas are perfect for big and little kids alike, and really pack a fruit and veggie punch! Switch up your bento routine with these super lunches! #MARVELSnackBar #ad

I’ve been a MARVEL fan for as long as I can remember. Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow… I love them all. And as MARVEL fever has hit just about everyone, it has only made my passion for the characters and powerful themes even stronger. And, because I know it can be SO hard to think of great lunches now that it’s time for back-to-school, I came up with a few fun MARVEL themed lunch ideas that will help keep your rotation of delicious lunches fun and exciting for your children. I started by picking 3 superheroes I really love– the Hulk, Captain America, and Spiderman.

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